Filthy Photos and Art

♦ Do you like to watch? Do you like to gaze on supple skin and carefully-caressed curves? Then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find naughty snaps of yours truly, as well as sinful art I’ve dreamt up.

From cute and teasing to full-on wantonness, I hope my body – the photos – makes your pulse thump. From realistic kinks to hot fantasies, I hope my mind – the art – makes your breath quicken.

And if you like what you see, tell me all about it. I love to get comments, I love to know I’ve sparked something and I adore knowing my pictures have made someone come… Enjoy. ♦

The Photos

A Peek at Blacksilk…
Another Peek…
Blacksilk’s black… um… nylon probably
From the Archives
Skin and Suds
Hot as Hel
Birthday Bronze
New Year’s Tease
Two Hundred
Dice – Underneath
Changing Rooms
Little Chickadee – Easter Perversion
Niagara Fallen
Red, White and Blue
Roped Up
Pinful Punday
All Wet Through

The Art

The Angel and the Devil
Better the Devil you Know…
The Housewife
Tied Tomboy
Dirty Debutante
Tease, Tease, Tease

12 responses to “Filthy Photos and Art”

  1. caneslice says :

    I appreciate the bold pictures. You have an amazing body and a right mind that gives space to kinkiness. In my teens, I dreamt of having a gf like you. but again dreams dont meet with reality every now and then, do they? Apologies in advance for my below request. Since you enjoy the sweet feeling of submission, you may also realise the power of being at someone’s feet. I would request a couple of snaps of your esteemed feet. I am sure it will keep the curious submissive like me well fed. I really loved the way ur nails were done to perfection on ‘from the archive’ picture. keep up the good work. cheers

    • Blacksilk says :

      Thank you! And yes, I try to have an open mind and I try to explore into kink and sex and so on.

      It’s nice you say you dreamt of a girlfriend like me, but as you imply, what you see here and what I am in real life are not quite the same. This is me filtered through what I want to show and amplified through the confidence of removal.

      I don’t mind you asking your request, but I am rather uncertain. I don’t think my feet are as nice as you probably think they are, especially if you’re basing your mental image on my nails in From the Archives! My feet aren’t as nice as that and I was wearing some fake nails in that pic. I’m not normally that neat and fancy!

      • caneslice says :

        silk, out of all the things, Honesty is the real beauty. And you have it. I also know that in the real world not every one will look like a movie star or in an hour glass figure like the model in a porn movie. reality is reality. what excited me was ur mentioning that u used fake nails. u used it because u want to make it look beautiful. well u DID!

        I will not request you to show ur pic in ur blog if u are not happy about it. i perfectly understand that and my sincere apologies for my immature request. to be frank i dont have any mental image or expectations set against the snaps u have posted. so dont worry.

        once again, thanks for being real and being honest. it shows ur real beauty. thanks for the reply and please do keep posting. i love ur blog. Cheers!

        • Blacksilk says :

          Thank you for your very thoughtful reply. You’re right, of course, honesty and an open mind are more important than the right figure or the perfect hair.

          Don’t apologise for your request as you did no harm by making it. I’m still not decided yet but I might try and take some snaps of my feet and see what I think when I get time. So, it’s not a no, just not quite a yes yet! But I’m not offended that you ask.

          Glad you love the blog and I really enjoy your comments so thanks for reading!

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