Erotic Fiction and Poetry

♦ I started this blog to write my real life sexual experiences for you to read, but I’ve come a little way since then. I not only write real life, but I’ve dabbled in erotic fiction and even poetry too. Here’s where you can find that all in one place.

Published Work

Of Silver, Sin and School Desks in FELT TIPS, edited by Tiffany Reisz – The world’s first ever office supply-themed erotica anthology for charity, coming 12th of December, 2012

Take Your Partner for the Lovehoney Erotic Story Competition anthology – One of only ten selected winners from nearly 250 entries. Available via Lovehoney’s Honeymail from late September.

The Stories

A Read to Remember
King of Hearts
The Swinging Tree – Also selected for publication at Oysters & Chocolate

The Poetry

A Purring Machine
Climax by Numbers
Come At Me
Details, Details
Make Me – And an audio version read aloud by Plumptious Pea

3 responses to “Erotic Fiction and Poetry”

  1. Elaine says :

    I like your stories! Great stuff and new ideas, so keep it up.

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