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Review – Sqweel 2

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Sqweel 2 by Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary.

The Sqweel 2, made by Lovehoney themselves, is touted as the “world’s best-selling oral sex toy”. Of course, apart from its predecessor, the Sqweel, I can’t think of another “oral sex toy”, but that’s probably besides the point. What the point is, is that this isn’t quite your average vibrator. In fact, you can’t really call it a vibrator at all.

The Sqweel 2 is basically a series of ten inch-long flexible silicone tongues arranged like soft Stegosaurus spines on a wheel, a wheel which then rotates at various speeds to produce a sort of lapping sensation, supposedly like oral sex. But let’s be honest here, whether it’s that much like oral sex (a bit, not really) isn’t really important, does it make me feel good? We shall see.

The toy comes in a plastic insert inside a light cardboard box with an open front. Inside is an instruction booklet in several languages and the Sqweel 2 itself. The box is unnecessary for storage really, as the toy comes with a lid and is fairly self-contained. The only thing you might want to worry about is it turning itself on accidentally, which it does very easily. Not a travel toy unless you first remove the batteries. The Sqweel 2 itself is about five inches tall and about four and a half across with a depth of around two inches. So it’s pretty bulky for a clit toy. In fact, it’s about the size of my open palm.

There is a battery case on the back which takes two AAAs and on the front are two buttons and a cover with a slide lock. The soft tongue wheel is protected by a see-through pink plastic lid which comes off to allow access to the tongues. The main plastic of the case comes in either glossy white or glossy black. I have the white version and I have to say it looks pretty stylish in a girly but not too girly way. It actually reminds me of the Phoenix armour from Mass Effect, for any nerds out there.

The toy has three speeds: slow, medium and fast.  And three modes: normal, reverse and flicker (which alternates between back and forth). All the speeds work with all the rotation modes. The two buttons on the front, which light up blue when the toy is on for a nice touch, control the speed and spin. What I think is great is that the speed button (the “play” symbol) is bigger and more central, as I’m a no-frills girl. I almost always prefer straight up power and no fuss than messing about with patterns. You press “play” to start and again to cycle through the speeds, while mode button cycles through the rotation modes. Simple. To turn the Sqweel 2 back off, you have to press and hold the “play” button for about two seconds.

Above the buttons there is a slide lock, which unlocks the front cover of the Sqweel 2, allowing you to take it off and remove the tongue wheel for cleaning. Since the toy is ABS plastic and silicone, it’s safe as well as easy to clean in terms of materials, though it’s not waterproof. There are some nooks and crannies to watch for, especially given the relative lubeyness of using the Sqweel 2, but it’s relatively easy work.

One thing I really like about this toy is the layout and functions of various buttons and locks. It looks good and it’s simple and easy to use. Though the toy does have some design problems for me (which I’ll go into in a sec), this part of it seems well-designed and not over-thought.


The Sqweel 2 is an odd beast to wrangle. It’s unlike any toy I’ve ever tried before and so I didn’t know what to expect, despite trying out the original on my fingers back at Eroticon. Besides which, I knew the original was a toy which divided opinions, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like the Sqweel 2 or not. It pleasantly surprised me, but was by no means without fault.

To use the Sqweel 2, you need a good bit of lube between your clitoris and the tongue wheel. Trust me, without lube is not a good idea unless you’re a fan of pain. So, lube is needed, but it’s a bit hard at first to know how to go about that. On my first go, I unwittingly poured far too much on and created a lubey mess. I thought it’d be a good idea to slowly spin the tongue-blades while I drizzled lube on them. While it didn’t go as badly as it could have (lubesplosion!), I didn’t realise how much I was putting on and ended up with a puddle in the bottom of the case under the tongues, which proceeded to leak onto my nethers and the bed when I tipped it up for use. Ick.

On my second go I used too little lube, or rather it dried up over time, and ended up with rather a lot of friction on my clit. I was coming at the time, so I didn’t mind, but when I finished: oh, my God. Ow. My clit was incredibly painful and sore. I don’t think I’ve ever been that sore before, so do please watch out for that. To be honest, I’m not sure I like the idea of a toy where it’s so easy to fuck up. It seems easy to use either too much or too little lube and, although I got better at gauging it over time, I just don’t like that it can go so badly. It’s all a lot of faff for an orgasm, especially when I don’t use lube at all when I’m focusing on my clit normally.

What makes it worse is that the Sqweel 2 is often incredibly hard to grip when lubey, which means you need to be even more careful how you lube it. The case is just far too slippery when wet and hard to grip. It could really do with textured or grooved areas to grip along the inwards curves at the side. Though it does have a few dents that mimic the shape of the tongues, I don’t think these are made for holding as they’re in a really awkward place for that. It makes the toy a bit of a two-hander, which can be really inconvenient, and I’ve struggled not to drop it a few times.

Of course, being a two-hander doesn’t affect this toy as much as it could as the sheer bulk and awkwardness of it makes it pretty clunky to use a dildo in me or anything like that anyway. It can be done, but it’s a bit awkward and just not worth the hassle. As well as clunky, it’s not exactly discreet either, though not stupidly loud. It could be heard through my door on medium and high speeds and on high flicker, but you could probably use music easily to cover it.

What about how it feels? Well, like I say, I was pleasantly surprised. It feels pretty cool! The tongues lap in a sort of soft-but-firm way and sort of brush past your skin using only the top half a centimetre or so of their surface. It’s an interesting sensation and hard to describe, sort of a cross between oral sex and actual vibration, like a gentle flicking. The reverse setting makes the tongue-blades spin in, well, reverse and seems to provide a slightly rougher, slightly more intense feel to the flicking. The speeds range from a fast kind of slow to a slow kind of fast, though I personally thought an extra speed at the top end would have been nice. But I always think that. I find the “flicker” back and forth mode pretty eh, preferring a steady and continuous feeling. But I always think that too.

The main issue that I think will divide people on the Sqweel 2 (as with the Sqweel) is that you’ve got to be OK with not squeezing it against yourself or really putting any pressure on at all. The rotation just can’t cope with resistance very well, which is a shame, and the wheel will either slow down or stop entirely. If you need pressure on your clit, back away now. I love pressure on my clit and find it’s a natural instinct the more into it I get, but I managed to control myself here and it worked out pretty well. It’s a slow build-up every time I’ve used the Sqweel 2 and it doesn’t always pay off for me. It feels great, but sometimes frustrating. It won’t make me come every time and I’m not always in the mood for “the journey”.


So, to Sqweel or not to Sqweel? Well, for me the Sqweel 2 is a bit of a conundrum. I want to like it, I’m just not certain I do. It’s innovative, it shows a lot of improvement from what I’ve read over the original, it’s stylish and fun and brings something different to the bedroom. But that’s perhaps the root of my problem. I like it because it’s something different, a unique sensation, and I don’t like it for the same reasons. It’s a very interesting toy with a unique sensation that is worth a try if you like different things, but it’s just a bit too much effort and faff for me to use often.

I want to love it for offering me something truly different from my usual fare, but it’s too unreliable for me. It’s hard to lube to the right amount, it’s hard to use because you have to not use too much pressure, it’s hard work because the sensations are very subtle and it therefore takes a lot of work to make me come. It just doesn’t make me come often enough. It’s not so much a fun ride. I’ll give it points for offering something unique and I’m sure I’ll experiment with it further, but it’s not good or orgasmic enough to become a toybox staple and the amount of effort involved for me in using it just puts me right off.

That said, if you’re bored of the everyday and want to try something different, this will certainly provide that for you. And good different too. Just not great. You can get the Sqweel 2 here from Lovehoney. ♦

New! Sqweel 2 the worlds best selling oral sex toy!

Review – RodeoH Harness

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free RodeoH Harness by RodeoH in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary.

The RodeoH Harness is not the kind of strap-on harness you’ll probably be used to seeing. Instead of a tangle of leather or webbing straps, it looks like an innocuous pair of boypants. Now, I actually like the look of a standard strap harness when it’s done right, don’t get me wrong, but this is something else. It’s a different appeal altogether and I’m certainly damn glad the RodeoH briefs exist. They fill a great niche and look and perform fantastically.

The RodeoH Harness comes in a soft drawstring bag printed with the name RodeoH and some product information. Included in the bag is a metal dog-tag with the word “rodeoH” stamped on it. I know some people don’t really go for the dog-tag, but I loved it. It’s possibly because I think dog-tags are awesome, though.

The iconic RodeoHs, and the ones I own, are black with red accents and a light grey piping, but you can also get them in black and light grey as well as black and dark grey (though those styles don’t go as big as the main style does). The black and red is my favourite, though. I initially thought the piping was white when I saw it online, but it is actually a very light grey, which is great as any possible discolouration will be less obvious. I’m not the best at domestic malarkey.

The RodeH harness is, as I say, basically a pair of boypants with a wide waistband to support the weight of your various cocks. The front of the pants has an O-ring sewn in discreetly to the material, through which you place your dildo. Behind the O-ring is a flap of fabric (red in my version, making for a distinctive look) which keeps the base of the toy from contacting the skin and getting all hot and sticky. Like a little cock pocket.

The harness is made from 95% cotton, 5% spandex, if that means anything to you. Washing instructions are to machine wash cold or handwash for best results (this will keep the colours stronger for longer) and then hang or lay flat to dry.

You pick your size of RodeoH by measuring around your hips and I was between sizes at 51″. I was sent the 52″-55″ harness, their biggest size, but feel I could have actually easily fit the 46″-49″ too simply because of the comfy stretchiness. Handily, if I do need to shrink my RodeoHs at all, I can tumble dry them carefully on medium.


Pesky details aside, let’s get down to what the RodeoH harness is like. Firstly, I look hot in my RodeoHs. And I don’t think it’s just me. I’m pretty certain everyone would look hot in these things. They’re sexy but not too revealing and they’re very flattering. What’s more important, for me at least, is that I totally kink for this kind of boypants. Like, ridiculously. Heck, the RodeoH Tumblr is practically porn for me. I mean, look how sexy these things are:

I love the masculine aesthetics of the harness and it just looks fantastic. Not only that, but I really admire the brand image and style too and I think that RodeoHs as a company really seems to be a part of the communities they’re catering for, which is amazing.

So the looks are great, but what’s even more impressive is the feel. The RodeoHs are super comfortable. In fact, when I wear them on their own, I forget I’m actually wearing them. They feel supremely smooth and kind of cool on my vulva too. I feel snug, though they have plenty of leeway for weight loss/gain. I’m quite happy wearing them all day instead of normal knickers and they are just wonderful. That means you can be ready to go any time and you can even pack all day. Honestly, I cannot tell you enough how fantastic these are just to wear.


Let’s be honest, this is what these are all about for me. The little “cock pocket” does very well at holding my packing cock and wearing my RodeoHs all day with my packer in was also incredibly comfortable. It was a bit weird at first as obviously the shaft of my packer comes through the hole and then hangs freely on the outside of the RodeoHs instead of being tucked inside pants, but it worked better than I thought. I only occasionally had to deal with the shaft going AWOL and adjusting how you hang is totally natural. If I want to be a bit more “in place”, I can wear a pair of boypants over the harness to keep my package where it should be instead of swinging free.

Very occasionally the top edge of the packer will come out through the O-ring, but there was no way it’d come loose or fall out, so I don’t mind that much. Perhaps a packer with a firmer base would work better, though.

The most important thing about packing with my RodeoHs was that I almost forgot I was packing at all. That’s it, it’s just so natural. When I pack in normal boypants, I can feel the packer stick to me (not fun), I have to worry about slippage and it feels basically like I have something shoved down my trousers. With RodeoHs, it felt like I had a cock. Sure, some kind of cock with no sensation, but I adjusted myself like a man and it hung like a man’s cock and it was just all so normal and natural. I now wouldn’t pack any other way. No going back!


I don’t actually get to use my strap-on harnesses for girlsex or pegging (packing only, sadly), so I can’t give as full a review in this area as other users, but I did of course try out several dildos in the RodeoH harness. The only big downside I found to using these harness-pants is that the O-ring is sewn into the fabric itself and so there’s no way of swapping out O-rings. This means you’re limited as to what dildos you can use with your RodeoHs. RodeoH themselves recommend dildos 5″-6″ long by 1.5″-2″ diameter, which is a pretty decent range that will accommodate many cocks. It can take my Acute, my Adam (as seen above) and my VIP Super Soft among others, but it can’t cope with the width towards the base of my BS Is Nice Basic (Medium). And there’s no way I’m getting the Max in it.

The dildo sits well depending on where you position the waistband of the pants, so it’s somewhat adjustable in position. It’s perhaps not quite as sturdy as a strap-based harness, but then my RodeoHs are a little on the loose side and could be tightened up via careful shrinking if I want them more secure. If you get the right size for you, I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the firmness given by what is basically a clever pair of pants.  Given my RodeoHs are a little loose I actually can access my vagina and clit whilst wearing them, which is handy, but you might not find the same with a tighter pair.


The RodeoH Harness is a fantastic addition to the world of strap-on play and packing as well as, I don’t doubt, to the transgender and genderqueer communities. They’re an endlessly stylish pair of masculine-style pants that look incredibly sexy and are also very functional. I love their style and the company itself. I definitely love how smooth and comfortable they are. As I say, I don’t get to used them in play at the moment, but for packing I can barely even think of going without them any more. They have absolutely changed my packing experience.

Before I was limited to using ordinary underwear to hold my cock and I was often afraid of it falling out or going astray in my pants and looking ridiculous. It also wasn’t comfortable, tending to stick to my skin, and it just didn’t feel sexy. It felt like a lump of blah shoved down my knickers. With the RodeoHs I feel secure, stylish and wonderfully masculine. With these I take pride in my cock. It feels natural and comfortable and transforms the whole experience. If you pack, I highly recommend these. And hey, since they’re so, so comfy, they make great boypants too, if a bit expensive for just that!

I highly recommend this harness/packing pants combo, so if you’re keen head over and get a RodeoH Harness from RodeoH themselves right now. And check out their Tumblr while you’re at for some incredibly hot and aesthetic shots. ♦

Review – Tantus VIP Super Soft

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Tantus VIP Super Soft by SexToysUK in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary. Clicking any of the pictures below will take you to the full-sized image.

The VIP Super Soft is a somewhat unusual dildo made by Tantus, one of my favourite manufacturers. It comes in the usual Tantus packaging, which you can read about in any of my other reviews for Tantus products.

It’s a fairly big dildo with balls, six inches long by 1.5 diameter, made out of Tantus’s Super Soft silicone material. This is the stuff that the squishy outer layer of Tantus’s O2 dildos like the Tantus Max is made out of. Unlike the O2 line of products, this dildo is soft silicone all the way through, with no inner core of firmer silicone. As with all Tantus silicone, it is body-safe and sterilisable.

It is really the softest dildo I’ve ever owned and is incredibly squishable compared to a normal silicone or even an O2 silicone dildo. It is softer than an erection but firmer than a soft cock, feeling a bit like a firm semi. It is much more flexible than that, though, as you can bend it in half and even stretch it out and it returns nicely to shape. I do think this is quite a robust dildo for that, but it does seem to be slightly susceptible to dents in the material.

The VIP Super Soft is a realistic-style cock, but in a simplified way. It has balls (stamped with the Tantus logo), a fairly pronounced head and a modelled frenulum, but on the other hand it has a smooth shaft with no veins and there is no real detail on the toy. I think this style is a nice balance between realistic and non-realistic, but I’m not exactly picky when it comes to that.

It’s a dildo which is sold by SexToysUK as being designed for pack and play: that is, to be worn in under your clothes like a packing cock and then to be used as a strap-on cock on a partner without having to switch dildos. Ideally, it should be soft enough to squeeze into your underwear, but hard enough to fuck with. Most dildos are too hard to pack and most packers (like my Mr Limpy) are far too soft to penetrate with, so something in the middle would be perfect.


The Tantus VIP Super Soft is, as I mentioned, quite like a semi-erection in terms of firmness, so it gives the wearer quite a bulge in the pants. In fact, it gives more of a bulge than a semi-on would, because the toy is obviously sized as a large fully-erect cock. So the look is not going to be as subtle as a normal packing cock. In fact, it’s a bit like walking around with a constant hard-on, not that I mind that look. In fact, I quite like it. I’m a big girl so I want a big-looking cock to balance me out.

The toy is obviously harness-compatible and sits nice and firmly in a harness due to its adequate balls. It makes for a somewhat droopy cock, again not quite fully erect, but I actually find it quite hard to find cocks that don’t droop quite a bit in the harness, so I wouldn’t say this one was particularly awful for it, despite the soft silicone. In fact, the upwards curve of the VIP Super Soft means it hangs a lot nicer than it otherwise might and looks pretty nice. I do genuinely love to have this dildo sticking out proudly from my fly and looking decently real enough to get my mental erection going.


The material is soft enough to pack, but is it firm enough for play? I remember reading a couple of reviews that left me doubtful of this and had resigned myself to using it as a purely decorative cock, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is actually firm enough for insertion and insertion that does something too! It felt good! The material is, remember, less soft than I expected and I found it felt absolutely fantastic on my g-spot. Now, perhaps my g-spot is slightly hard to find and somewhat easy to please, I’m still learning about what it’s like, so it might not work for you, but it did for me. I found that the curve of the VIP Super Soft’s shaft really helped it rub where it should and it felt great, though it’ll do nothing for you if you like a firm touch there.

So it works for that pretty well. Where it did really fail though is in deeper thrusting and A-spot (anterior fornix) stimulation, as well as at just sitting inside me and being squeezed around. It did nothing for me as something to contract on as it’s too squishy. It’s great shallowly but as soon as it gets deeper, it’s much less easy to feel the toy. And it’s definitely too soft to give me the ooh-pleasure-pain I love so much deep at the back of my vagina. However, because of this, it does mean you can basically go all-out on the thrusting, so if you like to pound super-fast but get caught out by firmness, this might be great for you.

Whether you’ll find this a toy you can actually use or whether it’s just decorative will likely depend on how you feel about material firmness, basically. I think the shape of the VIP Super Soft is great and I doubt many people would disagree with me there, but it’s the soft silicone that will sway you one way or the other. If you like firm to hard toys, don’t get this. If you need pressure or firmness on your g-spot, don’t get this. If you like to whack the depths of your vagina, don’t get this. But, if you like softer materials, I recommend this. If soft g-spot rubbing works for you, I recommend this. If you like to thrust hard but don’t like to be hit hard, I recommend this. It’s all about your preferences, of course, but for mine I love what this toy can do for me, even if it works less well in other areas.


The Tantus VIP Super Soft is a great toy for me. I love the look of it and the feel too. It’s large and fun and squishy, but also does the job of making me come and come well. It is fantastic quality, like every Tantus product, body-safe and sterilisable. It is harness compatible and can be packed, if a little obtrusively. If you want a subtle bulge, perhaps don’t go for this. It stands up well in a harness too, given its material. The toy has a great shape to it and I find it good on my g-spot and for shallow thrusting.

Is it the perfect pack and play dildo? Well, probably not. It’s on the edge of packable and could do with being a bit smaller or somehow just a bit less in your face about being down your pants. You can fuck with it, but it won’t suit everyone and some people are just going to find it too soft and meh. That said, there really aren’t a lot of dildos out there that you can pack and play with. It’s certainly the only one I own. And I love its versatility, even if it’s not perfect, and I love the look and style and squish and use of it. It’s a bit of a Marmite toy, I’d say. I won’t recommend it outright to everyone, but for some out there, especially people like me, this is going to be a fantastic toy for you. If you think you’ll share my enjoyment of the Tantus VIP Super Soft, you can pick it up now at SexToysUK.

Review – Tantus Max O2

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Tantus Max O2 by Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary. Clicking any of the pictures below will take you to the full-sized image.

The Max O2 by Tantus is a large realistic dildo made by one of my favourite toy manufacturers. It’s a dildo with balls that features dual densities of silicone and a large base suitable for a harness. It’s currently the largest dildo I own and the first dildo I’ve ever owned with balls.

The packaging for Max is the usual Tantus kind: a clear plastic box with red details and product information, inside which sits the dildo in a plastic clamshell. This is about the second or third time a Tantus box has split on me and it is also a bit big, so I now keep my Max in a Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag (yes, it fits, these things are awesome).

(UPDATED since 18th June) My Tantus Max came in black, which is not a colour Lovehoney originally intended to stock. They were going to stick to the cream version. However, following my tweet to Lovehoney telling them how much we all like the black version, they’ve decided to stock it in black after all! Hooray! The cream is nice, but I do very much love the black. It’s a sleek colour that really makes the dildo more stylish. It looks fantastic.

The Max itself is a bit of a monster. In a good way. At around eight inches insertable and 1.9 inches diameter, it’s not for the faint-hearted (or the timid vagina). It’s one of those toys where again I didn’t really have an idea of the size until it arrived. So let me say this: pretty damn big.

I can take the Max without warm-up, yes, but it’s easier with one and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the no-warm-up route for everyone. The fact that it is made from O2 silicone, and so is squishier than firm single-density silicone, means that it’s easier to handle than if it were entirely firm, but it’s still fairly solid.

As I say, the dildo is made from Tantus’ O2 silicone, which essentially means (aside from it being body-safe and sterilisable) that it has a firm core of normal Tantus silicone that is covered by a varying-thickness layer of “super soft” silicone, giving a dual density effect. This means that the dildo has a similar hard-yet-soft feel to a flesh and blood penis, which makes it more realistic and a lot of fun. The Max, as I say, is actually pretty firm and the softer layer is quite thin. The head and the balls of the Max are entirely made out of super soft silicone, making them very squeezable. The Tantus Max O2 is also dual texture, with a matte shaft and balls and a glossy head, but it’s not something I really notice in use.

It’s a realistic design, other than the size, but a fairly simple one. Straight up and down, no mucking about, but there are some careful little details that really make it stand out. There is mild just-for-show veining on the shaft and the frenulum of the Max is wonderfully detailed. Heck, the balls are even slightly uneven.

The sad part is that because the Max is so big and long, I can’t feel the balls slap against me as I’d like. And I would like. But, they do make for a great handle for thrusting, especially if you use it upside-down, and since it’s so straight, which way up it is doesn’t really seem to matter to me. On the plus side regarding its size, the extra length does make the Max very easy to manipulate and gives plenty of scope for decent thrusting.

It feels fucking fantastic. Seriously. I didn’t think I was a size queen and I do appreciate smaller dildos still, of course, but the Tantus Max O2 is an experience. I love it and I’m not entirely certain how to describe it. It’s intense and it’s not something I’d necessarily go for all the time, but it does what it does very well. As I say, the shape is great but fairly basic, so I think it’s the combination of size and material that really makes it work. It is big but comfortable, fills you up and opens you up, but without leaving you feeling stretched.

It does very well at both thrusting and just hanging out in your vagina. For hanging out, it’s big and squishy enough to enjoyably squeeze around. Plus, silicone transmits vibrations very well if you want to press a massage wand against the base (I love this). For thrusting, it’s big, but very smooth and straight and fairly uniform, so it’s quite easy to pump with. I find that you notice the edge of the head as I move it back and forth, so sensitive people might want to watch for that. It’s also the hardest bit to insert at first.

The Max is straight, so it doesn’t really excel at the g-spot, but what it does amazingly at is providing all-over feelings to the whole of my vagina, making it all ripple with pleasure. I also love that the girth and length mean I can really push it to the back of my pussy, up by the A-spot (anterior fornix) and cervix. I absolutely love the intense feeling between pleasure and almost-pain that I get from pushing as far into myself as I can go. The ache alone is almost enough to make me come.

Though I have no partner for strap-on play, I have tried the Max out in a harness as its base is compatible for that. It sits pretty nicely given how heavy it is and I was impressed that it doesn’t point significantly low. I like my ‘cocks’ perky. Obviously, this will depend on your harness and O-ring (you’ll need a large one), but mine is nothing special and the Max holds itself well in it. The Max makes for a satisfying, if a bit excessive ‘cock’ for me, however the edge of the base around the bottom of the balls is quite pointy and cuts into my large thighs when sitting down, which is a bit uncomfortable.


The Tantus Max O2 is a blimmin’ fantastic dildo. Like most Tantus toys, it leaves me fairly speechless in trying to tell you just how good it is. It’s a simple design that looks great and works brilliantly. It’s body-safe, sterilisable, harness-compatible, anal-safe (if you’re bold), great quality and it’s a very, very reasonable price for the sheer amount of platinum silicone you’re getting, especially given the dual-density and dual-texture. It’s big and you shouldn’t under-estimate that, but if you can handle the size, you’ll love it. It feels amazing. Big, squishy, firm, sensual, simple. It fills you up and stimulates like crazy, especially if you like girth and length. The only negatives I can think of are trifling.

If the Tantus Max O2 tempts you, and it comes highly recommended by me, then you can grab one now from Lovehoney. ♦

Lovehoney Sexy Toys

Pleasurists #178

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Review – YESforLOV Sense Me Sensual Gift Set

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Sense Me Sensual Gift Set (containing a YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold and a YESforLOV Caressing Feather) by Vibrator Kingdom in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary.

Vibrator Kingdom are a thoughtful lot! Since my name is Blacksilk, they said, how about reviewing some black satin? What VK have done here is take the YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold (£9.99) and the YESforLOV Caressing Feather (£9.99) and combined them into a Sense Me Sensual Gift Set of the two for £17.49. The idea is that you’ll get two items that complement each other for a lower price.


The YESforLOV Black Satin Blindfold is a very long (over four feet), 2.75″ wide strip of double-thickness black satin printed with the gold YESforLOV logo on each end. It is to be placed around the eyes and tied in a bow or knot at the back of the head. What’s nice about it is that, since it is long and sturdy, it can actually double up as a tie for your lover’s hands if you fancied some sensual, light bondage, which makes it pretty versatile.

The satin is a lovely material, glossy, soft and cool and very sensual, while the black is a classic colour. It feels very comfortable and luxurious on the skin and is clearly high-quality. It is certainly sensual, but where it falls down somewhat is in function.

Like most blindfolds that are a simple ‘ribbon’ style, the nose bridge is the issue. Even pulled down fairly low, you can see out through gap created by your nose; pull down any further and you’ll see out of the top. What’s more, if the room is brightly lit, you’re actually able to partially see through the blindfold to see silhouettes. In good light, I was able to count how many fingers.

It’s not a damning blow. Some people don’t actually mind if their blindfolds aren’t watertight, letting the concept of blindfoldiness do the work, some even prefer a teasing gap. If you’re looking for something functional, this might not be for you, but for a certain kind of tease, it’s great. It depends on your tastes.


The YESforLOV Caressing Feather is a fluff of soft marabou feathers on a stick made from black plastic, stamped with the gold YESforLOV logo. It is designed to be swept and tickled over the skin to titillate. The whole brush, including feathers, is only eight inches long (half stick, half feathers), so easy to travel with or store.

The Caressing Feather came with a little sleeve of clear plastic over the feathers, which you’ll probably want to keep as it protects the feathers and will help stop them getting ratty. I’d also suggest you be careful of getting the feathers damp with lube or what have you.

I love this. I’ve had a feather stick before, but it was made from cheap feather-boa-style feathers and reminded me all too much of a feather duster. This one is different. It’s soft and sensual and made me tingle and shiver far more than I expected. It feels particularly good on the obvious areas, but also my spine and thighs. It really does caress rather than tickle.

The sensations can be varied by only using the very tip or by using the whole set of feathers, by moving slow or fast, by straight lines or little wiggles, smooth or skipping. It turned me on more than I expected and was a fantastic sensation.


The Sense Me Sensual Gift Set‘s combination of blindfold and feather works very well and provides for a sensual, teasing time between a couple or more. The combination of being blindfolded and a sensory toy is a great idea as losing one sense (your sight) heightens all your others, leaving you more susceptible to the caress of the feathers. I actually wrote a post here on the blog about what happened when Crush and I used the Sense Me set together, which will show you how great a combination the items in it are.

The blindfold could perhaps do with a bit of concealed wire on the nose bridge to stop peeking and could perhaps be a bit thicker, but it is comfy and silky and sexy. If you want a more functional blindfold, perhaps look elsewhere, but for a light-hearted and sensual one, this is lovely. The feather is practically flawless, however.

As a package, the set is great and its items work very well together to help create a particular mood. You can pick up your Sense Me Sensual Gift Set up from Vibrator Kingdom now.

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Review – Rocks Off RO-80mm

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Rocks Off RO-80mm by The Boudoir in exchange for my honest review. Your Mileage May Vary.

The RO-80mm by UK sex toy manufacturer Rocks Off is arguably one of the most famous bullet vibrators there is. Not only is it used to power the vast majority of other Rocks Off toys (like the Rock Chick, Bad Boy, etc.), but it seems to be generally touted as THE bullet vibe.

Well, I’ve finally tried one and now you get to read my review, without me making any awful ammunition/gun-related references.

The RO-80mm comes in a clear plastic tube not much bigger than the toy itself, with a little pop-off lid and some information on a sticker on the side. The packaging is fantastic as it’s no fuss and great for travel and storage.

The bullet is made from body-safe ABS plastic and comes in several different colours, though mine is a lovely shiny black. The battery cap is silvered plastic and twists off to change batteries. On the end of the cap is a rubber push button that turns the vibrator on and off. This button is a little tricky, I find, as it depresses a long way and starts the vibe long before it clicks in, meaning I often have to try a few times to get it to stay on.

The RO-80mm is small (being about finger-sized), very light and nicely shaped with the tip curving nicely into a precise point. I love bullets that are actually bullet-shaped because they’re very versatile: the tip allows focused use and the side of the tip can be used for wider vibration and less pointy pressure.

It takes a single N size battery, which is going to be supremely annoying when it runs out. I can barely find AAAs or AAs when I need them and I’m pretty sure my house contains no N batteries except this one. Toys with annoying batteries have to go the extra mile to please, because they have to ensure they’re good enough that I’ll go to the effort of buying their weird batteries after they go kaput.

The bullet is single-speed and I’m the kind of person that tends to just whack a vibrator to the highest speed and stick to it anyway, so as long as the single speed is decent, that’s fine. This is where I have my main problem with the RO-80mm. I’ve heard people rave about this thing because the vibrations are so strong, but I’m honestly not feeling it.

It just doesn’t seem much stronger than any other bullet. I suppose the vibrations are decent enough, but they’re incredibly surface-buzzy and just don’t rumble or go deep enough for me. If surface-buzzy is your thing, though, you might well feel this is a lot stronger. I like a vibrator to make me go “Ooh!” when I apply it to my clitoris, but with this it was just “Oh, hey, I guess there’s some buzzing down there sorta.” With enough effort it makes me come, but I’d choose almost any bullet I own over this.

On the plus side, and this is great news if you’ve already decided buzzy vibrations are for you, it’s a very discreet bullet. It is small and very quiet. This is perhaps why so many people love the RO-80mm. I have no shame, so I don’t care if my housemates hear buzzing, but I know a lot of people prefer quiet vibrators and see noise as an important issue. Not only could we not hear it through the door, but I’ve successfully covered up the sound with just my ample thighs and the low hum of a computer fan. So it’s quiet.

It’s waterproof too, which makes it extra awesome and versatile. It also makes it a lot easier to clean, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s easy because the engraved logo is a bit of a bitch. I ended up with stuff stuck in those thin lines, mouse-cheese style (you know, how your computer mouse picks up crap in the grooves). Getting it out was a pain.


Rocks Off RO-80mm is a dinky little bullet that is quiet, discreet and travels well. It is shaped very nicely, but I find that personally it doesn’t stand up to the claims about its strength. Its vibrations are nothing to write home about and are made less impressive by the fact that they are shallow and buzzy rather than having the rumbliness I prefer.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been horribly spoiled for bullets by the amazing We Vibe Tango and Salsa, but even looking at bullets purely in the RO-80mm’s price range, I’m not amazed. That said, it has many good points, is cheap and, impressively, waterproof. If you don’t mind a slight lack in power or you’re the kind that prefers surface or buzzy vibration, you’d probably like this toy. Plenty of people do, just not me.

I’d honestly recommend looking at the We Vibe bullets, which (though more expensive) are way stronger, better and rechargeable so you spend less on daft-sized batteries. If you do want a Rocks Off RO-80mm, though, you can get one very cheaply at The Boudoir. ♦