A Purring Machine – 100 Orgasms

♦ I’m doing a little project that was suggested by the wonderful Bondara sex shop thanks to a very serendipitous misread of a title online. What project is this? Well, only to have 100 orgasms in 10 days and write some sexy things about my experiences .

It sounded ridiculous at first and then I thought, hey, that’s only ten a day. It’s totally doable and weirdly intriguing. So I mentally signed myself up. I hadn’t planned to start until the weekend but then I noticed: it’s apparently National Orgasm Day today. How could I not start today?

So, I shall be writing a series of different things about what I get up to in my quest for roughly ten orgasms a day. This blog post is the first. I don’t have a particular long-term plan in my head for this little series, as I’m quite looking forward to seeing what my orgasms inspire in me, what comes out if I go in with an open mind and a blank sheet.

Anyway, below is a little bit of poetry based on orgasms number one and two of 100: a wake-up wank on a dozy morning. Please let me know what you think!  2/100 ♦

Sleep seeps into my bones
Like hot water into a sinking teabag
My face is fire, eyes heavy, mind a cartwheel
Of wheeling bodies and sandbags

I haul myself to solitude, away from the buzz
Trudge and slump
My idle hand seeks to make a plaything of me
Hisses between white hills and grey cloud cover
To a slumbering country of pinks and troughs
Where it plays
Staccato rhythms, the lark ascending
My middle finger circles, a motorist on a starting handle
A dynamo whirring
Cranking, shooting a Tesla coil hum through my wires
Static shivers along once-sleeping skin

Or perhaps I play
The fireman to my traction engine
The stoker of my coals
I feed the furnace, steam seeps between my thighs
The boiler of my cunt builds and sends
Hot, damp power through my body
White fills my vision
My body shudders and shakes, reawakened
Reborn, renewed, replenished
Bolts fly from their housings
An engine explosion
A singing, ringing crescendo of steam and smoke and white-hot metal
A hissing hot leak

Fingerprints dance over sodden skin
An aftershock blooms large and causes
Tender flesh to tremble again
A second spike

Lightning: a modern Prometheus cries “Live!”
The fog of sleep lifts
Dawn hits and my nerves turn to busy industry
I wake for the first time since
Opening my eyes
And trundle, alert, a purring machine

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

38 responses to “A Purring Machine – 100 Orgasms”

  1. Bondara says :

    Wow. Wow wow wow. CANNOT wait for the rest of your posts. x

    • Blacksilk says :

      So glad to hear that you like it, thanks so much for being the catalyst for it! :D
      Bear in mind the rest of my posts might not all be like this, though. :)

  2. vanillamom says :

    Oh *FUCKING* Wow.

    That was absotivelyposalutelty fucking A awesome.



    • Blacksilk says :

      Yay, thank you! I’m so happy that people seem to like it so far. So chuffed your response was so enthusiastic! :D

      • vanillamom says :

        chuffed, eh? I am taking this to be a British term for really happy, heh!!

        It is a fantastic piece of work, you know. And 100 orgasms. wow. Jealous. My M would NEVER agree. :)

        • Blacksilk says :

          It is indeed! Good old Anglo-American language gap :P

          Thank you again and yup, quite a task! It’s the finding the time that’ll be the hard part!

  3. Beatnik du Jour says :

    Love it! Enjoyed all the geeky references… Gave me a tingle ;) best of luck on your grand adventure!!

  4. ladypandorah says :

    A force of Industry/Nature in unison there. Also liked the literary allusion in the final stanza (of course). Good luck with your 100!

    LP xx

    • Blacksilk says :

      I am pretty convinced that I was influenced by the Industrial Revolution section of the Olympic opening ceremony. Those were awesome images.

      I did also really want to get a lightning-rod-to-Frankenstein’s-monster reference in there without actually saying Frankenstein cos that’d make it sound a bit silly. :P x

  5. Huff says :

    That was simply wonderful. Beautiful words creating beautiful images to describe an absolutely beautiful moment. Loved it. :)

  6. Karen Blue says :

    I love this post. You write poetry so well! That is a pretty empowering challenge to give yourself 10 orgasms for 10 days!
    I don’t know if my current schedule would even allow for 10 orgasms a day.
    “reborn, renewed, replenished”
    Maybe I should try it…

    • Blacksilk says :

      Thank you so much!

      Sadly I failed in my quest for the full 100, I managed just over half way but gave up with a few fays left once I realised I was never going to catch up. Like you I just didn’t have the time.

      It was a fun attempt though, very worth trying! And I love this poem so much that if this was the ONLY thing that came from it, it’d have been worth it for me :)

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