The Perils of Packing

♦ Last week I went to the pub wearing my packing cock. I don’t have any packing pants at the moment, though the fantastic RodeoH are working on that (so excited!), so I settled for tucking my Mr Limpy into a pair of boypants.

I added jeans, a shirt and a tie, but I kept the bra and boobs, because cock or not, I like my boobs. And off I went. Here’s a snap of me getting dressed.

It was fantastic. I’m not sure if my friends noticed, but I don’t much care either way. I felt sexy, confident and slightly turned on. I’m not going to do it all the time, but I do like it.

There is one slight problem with packing in pants that don’t have a pouch, though. Going to the toilet. Down come the pants and, if you don’t have a plan, out will fall the packer. Luckily, I had an idea. Pub toilets may have rohypnol in mind rather than the perils of packing, but beggars can’t be choosers! ♦

Toy with me Tuesday

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

18 responses to “The Perils of Packing”

  1. Bondara says :

    Haha, fantastic. Was that in the cubicle with you? Would be a bit of a surprise for someone if not! Great photo, love the colour and the vignetting; really gives it atmosphere.

    • Blacksilk says :

      Yes, it was in the cubicle thankfully! :)

      The vignetting was actually a complete accident caused by the bad lighting (notoriously gloomy loos, those!), but I did bring it up a bit in the edit, I admit!

      The slightly Instagram-y feel to the colour was the only way I could correct the colours in the shot that were thrown off by the flash, but I actually really like what it did to the picture! :)

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  2. A Couple of Wankers says :

    Great fun, absolutely love the story behind it also. What size Mr Limpy is that, seems like you were fairly well endowed for the evening! I know very little about photography, but I reckon you’ve done a pretty ace job with the lighting under the circumstances.


    • Blacksilk says :

      It’s the Small, which, naturally, is 5.5″ long like all small penises….. Yeah, their sizing is kinda ridiculous. I wanted one that was not stupidly unbelievably big as a flaccid cock but that also suits my body. I feel like I need a bigger cock as a bigger girl otherwise it might look a bit silly. I want something in proportion with the rest of me, so too big but sexy covers it! :P

      And thank you. I was expecting the shot to stand purely on the humour, but the photography side came out better than I expected in the end! :)

  3. Rox and Steve says :

    Haha I love this photo and the story :)

  4. MrsJoJo (@Josephine_KK) says :

    ha lol this is fantastic!

  5. Andy - Ruffled Sheets says :

    This is full of awesome!

    It’s a great photo anyway but the story behind it is fantastic. I really enjoyed reading as well as looking at the shot.

    That really is a big packer! I have a Mr Limpy as a ‘stunt cock’ for all my chastity device photographs (and a few other fun ones, too). I think mine is the extra small, although it’s probably average in size as their sizing is just insane. Yours is really hefty and looks brilliant. I wonder how big the large is (gulp)?!

    • Blacksilk says :

      Yay! Thank you!

      I always like to explain the pictures just a little for photo memes just a little, glad my pub trip amused. :)

      It is a big ‘un, yeah, I figure a smaller one might not be so noticeable against my weight. The extra small is a bit more normal in size, but I dunno what they think most cocks are like!

  6. JillianBoyd says :

    The picture of Mr Limpy is full of awesome, but I can’t help leaning more towards the sight of your gorgeous self getting dressed……


  7. Jennifer says :

    Ha! I would love to see (more likely hear) the reaction of an unsuspecting soul finding it though.

  8. Penny says :

    what a fun shot & story! That holder is perfect lol

  9. nymphomaniacness says :

    This is fab! Also good luck on the packaging ;-) Both types.

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