February in London, Part 3 – The Erotic Meet

♦ In the first part, I told you all about the Sex Toys UK tour. In the second part, I told you how I accidentally sold a stranger a sex toy on a train. Now to the main event. It’s what I’d come to London for: the Erotic Meet Soho Social. For those who haven’t been paying attention so far, Erotic Meet is an online community for erotic creatives (bloggers, writers, photographers, artists, models and more!) that runs a monthly real life meet-up in London’s Soho.

I’ve been a member of Erotic Meet for only a few months now and this was to be my first social. Luckily, I met a lot of people I was anxious about meeting (i.e. everyone) at the tour, but I was still a little nervous. Have I mentioned I’m not good at social situations unless it’s people I properly know? Well, I’m not. But I was determined. I met my lovely Crush at Piccadilly Circus and we set off to find our very nearby hostel so I could change into something less comfortable.

Soon we found ourselves sans baggage but with a carefully boxed-up Fireman Sam and sat in Soho’s Green Carnation bar. We’d had our hands stamped with “Erotic Meet” (or, in my case, “rotic mee”) and I’d declined buying raffle tickets because I’m a dreadful cynic. I’d plonked Crush and I next to Jilly, Rose and ILB and introduced them all and now I was sat in my black polka dot dress eating delicious Rose-made cookies. Rose, by the way, had on a very short dress and stockings and was definitely not a very distracting figure for both me and Crush! Honest.

I felt a bit out of place at first because I’m awful at making conversation, but it soon got better. I met a few lovely new people and people I knew from Twitter, though I didn’t get to chat to any of them as much as I’d have liked. And some people I managed to miss altogether! If I didn’t get a chance to speak to you at the Meet, I do apologise. Time flew. But there’s always next time.

Perhaps one of the meeting-people highlights of the evening (tour people, you don’t count :P) was getting to meet the lovely Mia and not just because she turned out to be gorgeous, but because she seemed genuinely excited to meet me and Crush and put me immediately at ease. She even paid me a quite specific compliment on the blog! I love when that happens!

DomSigns headed over to tell me the announcement I’d been waiting for. I’d asked him to let me know. You see, he and Molly are doing a special thing this month. It’s the month of the whip, which means that Molly gets a number of strokes of the whip on her arse equal to the date. The Meet was on the 3rd, so it would be three strikes. Excited, I pulled Crush over with me to where a few people had gathered to watch. Even ILB had come over, despite claiming he might not be able to enjoy it.

“The moment has arrived,” DomSigns said, in his, let’s face it, pretty damn sexy voice. Molly braced herself and he lifted her skirt. Three swift whip strokes were applied. It almost looked like he was barely moving the whip, but you could tell how much it stung. It was super hot. I mean, it was a super hot act in itself, I do love kink, but what also struck me was how hot it was to be watching and how hot it was to know that Molly knew we were watching her. I hadn’t expected it and I’m very intrigued by it. It was my first time watching something like this in the flesh and I just know I have to try something similar again.

It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I found myself wondering yesterday what would’ve happened if I’d asked to try just one stroke of that mean whip. I know it’d be harsh and probably more than I’m ready for, but I’m sure I could deal with one. No matter how it stung, it’d be over by the time you found out. That got me hot thinking about too, which is crazy! I’m beginning to wonder just how deep my desires for Too Much might run.

After the whipping, Crush and I got to talk to Molly a bit about the experience and her feelings about the month of the whip and her kinks in general. It was wonderful. I quite honestly felt inspired listening to her talk about her desires and limits and her journey to the person she is now and also talking a bit about our experiences and our forays into similar areas. It was the most fascinating conversation of the evening, for certain. Watching the whipping had left me feeling charged and talking with her only helped that.

What also pleased me was how Crush behaved. I’m hardly an expert, but he has a lot less experience talking in terms of kink than even me and he can occasionally offend people in any case. But he was wonderful and engaged with the conversation much more than I’d expected. He even asked some fairly insightful questions and really took an interest, which made my heart melt. I know that I’m leading him into this side of sex in a way and it’s beautiful to see him willing to take steps without me prompting them.

Anyway, before long the readings were about to start. I won’t list them all here, because Annie’s Erotic Meet blog post has a far more comprehensive list, I’ll just mention some highlights and thoughts. I’ll warn you now that sadly I can’t remember every little thought I had while watching. I wish I could, because all of these performers were fantastic.

I’d met Meg Philip earlier in the night and she’d told me she was a writer, not a performer. She lied. Her piece was wonderfully performed and had me grinning like mad. She really made it come alive. I agree with Annie that Molly left us squirming, she read two pieces and both were filthy as all hell and I loved it. She gave a hypnotising performance and the pieces were so amazing that I felt like a fraud for even dabbling in writing! Not even kidding.

I clapped extra-hard for Jilly and ILB because they are sweethearts and they were both great. ILB’s piece was notable for being the first and only male act and he pulled it off with a hilariously self-conscious style that was very clearly played for laughs. And laughs he got! I loved the self-deprecation. Sarah Berry‘s piece also contained some great asides and she carried on valiantly in the face of a particularly shitty heckler who I would gladly have beaten to a pulp for the sheer bloody nerve of him. And Annie’s piece was so sassy and full of an amazing ear for rhythm that I decided on the spot that instead of offering to soon review one of her eBooks as I had, I was going to damn well demand it! :)

By the time the readings were over, I was far more the worse for wear drink-wise and I’d got to the great stage where I was keen to just go up and say hello to people. I had great chat with Sarah Berry and probably sounded like an awful fan-girl as I told her I used to read her in Scarlet and how I’d just missed seeing her dressed as a fanny at Erotica. She was lovely, by the way, and seemed chuffed I was a fan.

Later I found myself sat next to the adorable Jilly on a sofa talking about girl-kisses she’d received. Two at that count, if I recall. “You can have a third, if you like” I said, shyness being out the window by now. And so while ILB and Crush talked RPGs and geekery, Jilly and I shared some wonderful and fairly raunchy kisses that left me feeling pretty damn pleased with myself. Don’t tell anyone, but Jilly is quite the minx in the right circumstances! ;)

Sadly I don’t remember much more of the night after that. Unfortunately with the wine we’d drunk I went from confident-and-shameless to woozy-and-over-tired far too quickly. Not long after I was brave enough to introduce myself to people, I found myself incapable of doing so. This will be remedied next time. I got a little overwhelmed and emotional and Crush and I decided we should probably head back and sleep. I feel a little daft for it now, but these things happen. Crush was a gentleman and sobered up plenty well enough to make sure we got back safely, which I, naturally, don’t remember.

I was going to write about our morning sex as a separate post too, but more than with events, you need a good memory of the feelings and details to make sex posts tick and now that morning is just a hazy but glorious string of connected memories. But in brief, he took Lady Pandorah‘s advice and decided to wake me with some morning sex. Morning sex preceded by a damn good thrashing. In our little bottom bunk (a double and with no-one above), he smacked me thuddily and thoroughly and then turned me over. I was hungover and so lube was required, but luckily we’d been provided with some in the goodie bag, making this fuck (un)officially sponsored by Sex Toys UK! The lube was cold, but did the trick and he took me hard as I slowly became more awake. I pressed my toes against the bottom of the upper bunk for support and we fucked away all the sexual tension of the day before…

..almost. ♦

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

17 responses to “February in London, Part 3 – The Erotic Meet”

  1. JillyBoyd says :

    Us kissing was the highlight of my night. Five times :D We should kiss more, I think. Also do other stuff.

    Yeah, I’m a minx, I admit. I fully cop to my hidden minxhood.


  2. Innocent Loverboy says :

    Ha! I’m so glad you were there. Having met you on the Tour, I was surprised how much more alive you became while at the Meet! I was pleased to have you to chat with, and Crush to talk about RPGs, D&D and Knightmare while you were snogging Jill. 4 times, according to her. I wasn’t counting myself, though.

    I hope to meet you and Crush again soon. Whenever that happens. Let’s not make it too long a wait.

    • Blacksilk says :

      Aww, I’m glad you were there too, you’re one of my oldest blogfriends after all! And lovely too, which helps.

      Yeah, I’m actually quite a loudmouth when I get to know people, so that coming alive is only going to get worse. You’ll probably wish I stayed all shy. :P

      I felt a little guilty at first for leaving you boys to it during snogging, but you both seemed happy enough and I soon got distracted for some reason…

      Definitely need to meet up soon. If I don’t see you at Eroticon or a Meet then there’s at least Bath, so that’ll be cool. But yes, sooner rather than later! :)

  3. wrenna says :

    That sounds rather intimidating, nicely done.

    p.s. I like how you write sexy.

    • Blacksilk says :

      It was a little intimidating meeting all those awesome people and trying to make a good first impression, but they all made us feel so welcome and I soon felt at home. :)

  4. Annie Player says :

    I love Parts 1, 2 and 3! It was a real pleasure to meet you Hun, you are as fun and as sexy in real life as you are here on your blog! -x-

    • Blacksilk says :

      Thanks! They were fun to write but I’m glad I’m done writing them now! Almost as exhausting as the Meet itself. :P

      Wonderful to meet you too, gotta say again that your reading was fantastic and you looked fantastic too! And I’m glad to know I made a good impression in the flesh. :) x

  5. Rose says :

    I’m so bummed that I missed the spanking, but I did get a peek at Molly’s bum when she was tied to a pole :D

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