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♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Tantus Throb by SexToysUK in exchange for my fair and honest review. My opinions are my own and Your Mileage May Vary. Clicking any of the pictures below will take you to the full-sized image.

The Throb is made by Tantus, who just happen to be my favourite sex toy manufacturer so far. They have a reputation for quality, both in materials and in pleasure, and they really have a passion for what they do. So when I received the Throb for review, I was thrilled. It’s only my second Tantus toy, but I had high hopes. I have not been disappointed.

The Throb came in packaging that will be very familiar to anyone who has bought a Tantus toy before: a clear plastic box with minimal decoration and inside that a clear plastic clamshell containing the toy. It’s simple and iconic, but not decorative other than that it shows the toy off very well. Personally, I like the style of the Tantus boxes, but they aren’t for everyone. The packaging is not over-sized for the toy and although mine split down one side, I usually find the Tantus boxes very sturdy for storage.

The toy itself is an interesting one: part realistic dildo and part fantasy sex object. Though it is modestly-sized (at just over 5″ insertable length and just under 1.5″ diameter) and has some anatomical features, it also comes with uber-emphasised veins and ridges intended to please lovers of texture. The Throb is made from Tantus’ 100% ultra-premium platinum silicone, making it non-porous, body-safe, sterilisable and also ensuring that it is very high-quality. The finish of the silicone is matte, giving it some drag over skin (more than the Je Joue Uma‘s silicone).

The Throb looks fantastic and very obviously designed for pleasure. I admit, despite reading the specs, I had actually expected it to be a little bigger, but it makes up for this with an anatomic head complete with urethra and also with, of course, those wonderfully stylised veins. They’re like the veins on an ordinary cock turned right up to 11.

There is a slight ‘pop’ to the Throb’s head as it enters my pussy, as the glans is somewhat pronounced. The firmness of the silicone compared to a real cock (or, indeed, Tantus’ O2 material) makes this pop more noticeable, but pleasant. As for the shaft, you can really feel the veins inside you both as they slide in and as they sit there. These veins are not just for show and they are really what makes this dildo what it is. Slowly sliding the dildo in and out centimetre by centimetre feels absolutely wonderful. This is my first truly textured dildo, but I do believe that lovers of texture will very much enjoy the Throb’s throbbing veins.

The Tantus Throb is flexible and can be bent without distortion, enduring a fair amount of abuse. The silicone can pleasingly squished in the hand but it remains firm enough to do its job. It keeps its shape well within the body and can certainly be felt. I certainly feel that for masturbation, the toy is not too flexible. Whilst the Throb is fairly subtly curved and not very rigid, the head and the veins of the toy always seem to easily run along the front/upper wall of my vagina as I thrust with it. This feels great. And, coupled with being fairly short (meaning that I can’t indulge my urge to have it really bang up against the depths of my pussy), this means it feels wonderful on my G-spot and is really very good at making me come.

Now, this isn’t a dildo for filling you up. It does feel good just being inside me when I give myself a clitoral orgasm and you can clench around it somewhat, but it isn’t big or thick. I do wonder whether the veins might feel even better with a bit more girth behind them to push them against your pussy walls, but they do just wonderfully as it is.

Being silicone, it’s also very good at carrying vibrations. One of my favourite things to do with the Throb is to put it inside me all the way and then press my Ideal massage wand against its base. This sends vibrations all the way up the shaft and seems to make its head flicker back and forth inside me, which feels brilliant. The fairly thick base of the Throb is also big enough to press up against the bottom of my clit, making vibrations reach me clitorally too. This makes for a wonderful combination.

The large base also makes gripping the Throb very easy, but I did occasionally find my hand cramping up on it, so be aware of that. It also makes the Throb safe for anal use and capable of being used in a strap-on harness. I just got my first harness very recently and the Throb was the first toy I’ve tried in it. I didn’t get to use it on anyone except a Fleshlight, but I admit I am a little worried that its flexibility might make it hard to use strapped-on. Also, I’m fat, so I’d probably find it a little small for me. And, to be honest, although I like the look of the Throb, I don’t like how it looks as “my cock”. Please be aware, I’m very new to strap-ons, so take all this with a pinch of salt.


The Tantus Throb is an absolutely fantastic dildo, simply put. Though I question it slightly as a harness toy, it is wonderful to use on myself or with a partner in non-harness play. It is incredibly high quality, sterilisable and is made of wonderful body-safe silicone. Though the ridges and veins do collect a lot of internal juices (which makes this a great dildo if you enjoy your own taste, as I do), I found it very easy to clean.

What’s more, it is well-designed and feels incredible thanks to its veins and subtle curve. It really strokes my G-spot well and, though I will sometimes want more length and girth, the small size makes it great if you like smaller dildos and makes a wonderful change for me. If you’re a size-queen, it’s perhaps not for you, but if you love texture, silicone and quality, I really think you’re going to like it. You can buy the Tantus Throb at SexToysUK for a very reasonable price and I feel it is well worth the money. Throb, I think I love you. ♦

The highest quality silicone toys from Tantus

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20 responses to “Review – Tantus Throb”

  1. Innocent Loverboy says :

    Well, I do have to say, that’s an incredibly well-written review. Pictures aside, as I think my nightmares are going to be haunted by a giant, dark penis.

    In any case, this review is about as detailed and as reasoned as anybody could get. You get +10 ILB Points.

    I also shouldn’t be reading this sort of stuff first thing in the morning.

    • Blacksilk says :

      Thank you, kind sir! I sometimes worry if I make my reviews over-detailed, but some people are going to want that detail and everyone else can easily skim what they don’t need.

      I’m sorry if I Freuded you. :P

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