Review – Doc Johnson Reflections Allure Glass Wand

♦ Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Doc Johnson Reflections Allure Glass Wand by SexToysUK in exchange for my honest and fair review. My opinions are my own and Your Mileage May Vary.

The Allure by Doc Johnson is marketed as a “gorgeous glass dildo” which is “not only perfect for internal pleasure but ideal for g-spot probing and stimulation too”. It is designed to be used internally and is a simple dildo which does not vibrate. It arrived in a very pretty, somewhat boho plastic box through which you can see the toy inside. Inside the box, the Allure rests in a clear plastic tray. Certainly, the packaging is pretty enough for a gift, however the toy doesn’t come with any kind of case or bag, which I consider an important item for a glass toy which might otherwise suffer a knock during travel or storage.

The toy is around 7″ long and about 1.5″ at its widest at the base. If you are anything like me, the widest part of that base will probably sit at around about the entrance of your vagina when fully inserted. The end of the base is likely to protrude, ideally leaving a handhold, but we’ll get to that. Being glass, it is hypo-allergenic and body safe.

Straight out of the box, the toy looks fabulous. But, not all that much like the promo picture. Instead of a creamy metallic hue, the toy is outright silver and incredibly reflective, as the name suggests. Mine came with a few very slight scratches towards the base, but these were very minor and a paying customer could probably get a refund if it bothered them. The Allure is wonderfully shaped to look at and very sensually curved. If you like your toys aesthetic, you may well be a fan of this one.

When I picked it up, the first thing I noticed is its weight. This thing is heavy. 275 grams of heavy, in fact, which doesn’t seem like a lot when I put it on paper, but boy is it heavier than you expect. If you’re used to heavy, particularly metal, toys, it might not seem so heavy to you, but I find it has a fair heft to it in my hand. Either way, it’s clearly a solid piece of glass rather than being hollow. This does have its plus side in its solidity (I dropped it from waist height onto a laminate floor and it was A-OK), but it does make it pretty clunky and unwieldy for use.

In fact, let’s get on to that. Being smooth glass, the Allure went in very easily even without any lube at all and was very comfortable when it got there. I found it filling, but not overly so, and the curve seemed helpful but not too severe. Working it back and forth with the tip pointing upwards inside me, I could feel the wand prodding pleasantly at my g-spot. However, since the curve is so gentle, I found it hard to tell which way up the toy was inside me at times. For me, I think the curvature of the tip was a little too shallow as I got the distinct sensation of my g-spot feeling very good, but not quite good enough without a fair bit more effort than I’d hope. A bit more of an extreme curve might be needed if you’re like me in that way.

Since the curve was slight and my g-spot probing needed a bit more help, I had to move back and forth quite quickly and firmly with the Allure and this is where some of the problems with the toy started to show themselves. It felt great, but it was hard work. The weight of the toy, particularly at the base, became really apparent and cumbersome and this, combined with that slight curve, made it really hard to angle the toy upwards towards my g-spot in the way I wanted until I eventually gave up and let it settle where it liked, providing me with less intense sensations.

Worse than this, though, when thrusting I noticed I found the Allure very hard to manipulate at all: a smooth, sloped shape with no grip to speak of, which is fairly heavy. If you had the whole of that base chunk to hold onto, it’d be OK, but as it is I found it hard to get purchase on the toy as I thrust and wiggled with it. Your fingers are left holding the toy as it tapers, which is difficult. If you’re going to be using a fair bit of lube with this toy, you should know that gripping the toy at the base while it’s lubed up there is practically impossible. Lubed or not, grip is where the plastic-covered pull cord comes in and I found myself with my hand through the loop and holding it, using it to pull back and forth on the toy.

This is far from ideal and my struggles to get to the toy comfy in my grip and where I wanted it made my hand very cramped and sore. Whilst I did come quite nicely with perhaps my first g-spot orgasm without any clitoral help, by the time I had my hand was in a fair bit of pain and discomfort. Every time I’ve used it, it’s hurt my hand to some degree.

The other problem I have with this incredibly pretty toy is that despite one of the main selling points of glass as a material being cooling and warming the toy, and despite the box itself proclaiming “can be cooled down for exciting play”, there is no information on how to do this anywhere in what you get. The instructions for use and care of the toy on the box are “hygienic”, “superior quality”, “dishwasher safe” and the above. That’s it. Can you plonk this right in the freezer? What about warming, which you didn’t even mention, can I shove it in the microwave? It’s very important that toys like this come with some care or usage instructions, but there’s nothing. It does not cost much to put a note in a box. Personally, I cooled my Allure in the fridge and heated it by hanging it in a small fabric bag on the radiator briefly.


The Doc Johnson Reflections Allure Glass Wand is an incredibly aesthetic toy that would probably be well-received as a gift due to its sensual curve and unusual material/colour combination. It certainly seems to be well-made and of quality, however it lets itself down in a few places. The material is gorgeous and smooth but too heavy. The shape and weight makes it hard to use successfully and comfortably and the curve of the toy is perhaps too shallow.

That said, I enjoyed using it, even thought it really hurts my hand, which says something. With a lighter weight (especially at the base), more grip on the ‘handle’ and some basic, vital care instructions (perhaps even a storage bag) included, this could have been a five-star review. As it is, I like it far more than the Icicles Vibrating Wand No 4 that I’ve also reviewed and found it to be of a higher quality, a more unique design and more pleasurable for me.

I like the Allure a lot, but I don’t love it and it does rather abuse me. What annoys me most is that I think it’s so close to being a toy I could really love, which is frustrating. I do enjoy it, though, and I’ll be coming back to use it again. If you think it sounds like it’s for you, head over to SexToysUK and pick it up. ♦

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