Love Our Lurkers

♦ My name is Blacksilk and I am a lurker. Not here, admittedly, then there wouldn’t be anything for you to lurk at, but I lurk. I have been known to lurk. As a blogger, I feel I should know better. I love to get comments. Sure, I write in part for the joy of writing, but c’mon, everyone likes to feel appreciated. But, of course, as a blogger I also know there is NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE WORLD. I barely have time to blog, let alone comment on other blogs. So, naturally, there are some blogs where I can just about manage comment or even comment regularly and others where, well, I lurk.

I’m sure it’s the same for you too. Maybe you’re a fellow blogger like me and you just don’t have time to say hello because you know there posts to be posted and blogs to be blogged. Maybe you’re a reader of blogs who has other things to be doing than propping up my sense of validation. We’re all busy. I know that.

Or maybe it’s not that. You’re shy perhaps? You’re not sure I’d like what you have to say? Or maybe I’ve never said anything  powerful enough to move you to comment? Maybe you commented once but never again? Whatever your reason for lurking, I understand because I do those same darn things elsewhere on the web. Sometimes I enjoyed the post but feel I have nothing to add. Sometimes I don’t comment because the post has SO MUCH love already that I wonder who’d care to hear from little old me?

But today, for just today, why not say hello? It doesn’t have to be anything more complicated than that, but if you want to, that’s great too. Tell me how long you’ve been reading or what your favourite posts are. do you have something you really love or hate about what I write? Get it off your chest. Today is Love Our Lurkers day and, whilst I’d love you to come back and comment again, today is your day for popping your head over the parapet, saying hi and re-lurking if you want to.

Your comment, yes, yours, would make my day.

And even if you don’t end up de-cloaking and de-lurking for LOL day? Never mind. I loves ya anyway. Thank you. Thank you for stopping by, whether it’s now and then, regularly or even your first time, and taking the time from your day to read my ramblings. I mean that. Just because I’m here shouting  into the void, it doesn’t give me any right to have readers. You guys are a privilege and I’m honoured that you choose to spend even a little of your time listening to, and maybe even liking, what I have to say.

Dear Lurker, thank you.♦

P.S. Yes, that is a Lurker from old school Dungeons & Dragons at the top there, if you were wondering whether you were right. And if you were, why don’t we talk more often? :)

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

15 responses to “Love Our Lurkers”

  1. ladypandorah says :

    You know me – I lurk, linger and prowl around your site.

    I should comment more than I do, and with more detail, but I’m always appreciative of all your wonderfully written posts. Especially when they’ve got added piccies!!

    LP x

    • Blacksilk says :

      I’d be lying if I didn’t say your comments were my favourite, naughty though it is to have favourites. :)

      So I do extra-appreciate when you comment and critique and so on, especially as you’re so busy, but don’t worry, I know you’ll appear when you have time and even if you don’t that you’re a really good support for my blog.

      Thanks so much for the compliments, as always, hun! x

  2. Innocent Loverboy says :

    Ha! A Lock Lurker would have been much cooler. I mean, partial etherealness, c’mon, you can’t beat that.

    • Blacksilk says :

      True, but I have loved Lurkers ever since the TSR gamebook Circus of Fear which was set in Greyhawk in a, would you believe, circus where (SPOILER ALERT) someone at one point replaces the net under the trapeze with a Lurker and if you slip you are NOMMED IN THE FACE and die.

      And it is totally awesome.

  3. Mija says :

    Hello out there. Not lurking but waving. :)

  4. Matt says :

    Lurker here. Relatively new lurker. I think I was directed this way from a post by Ms. Ellie Lumpesse? I realized I was not following enough blogs of this sort with Google Reader — and I am quite happy I have subscribed.

    Let’s say I am excited for more posts.

    • Blacksilk says :

      Ooh! Hello! Thanks for the comment! Sounds like you got here via one of her e[lust] round-up posts, I expect. Nice to have you!

      Very glad you’re happy to read my little blog. As for new posts, I’m excited to write them! Feel free to comment again if the mood takes you, but feel free to lurk too. :)

  5. A.S.S. says :

    Happy LOL Day! Very well said, as bloggers we too should leave way more comments than we do.

    ~Todd and Suzy

    • Blacksilk says :

      Happy LOL day to you too! Hehe, I dunno about you though but if I have spare time and I’m not blogging in it, I feel a bit guilty! :P

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Tom Allen says :

    Blacksilk? Is that you? Still blogging? Gosh, I remember when you started…

    Actually, anyone that’s been around more than three years deserves a pat on the back.

    And I still love your suspenders (I think you call them “braces” over there.)

    • Blacksilk says :

      Yup, still here just about! I admit, I did take a year off after splitting with Fractal and generally having a tough year with work and family stuff, but I came back!

      Determined not to be just another defunct sex blog. And thanks about the braces! :)

  7. Hermione says :

    I’m not really a lurker but stopped by to say hello. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


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