♦ As some of you might have read on my Twitter recently, Crush and I decided to put Friday evening aside last week for a nice meal out at a restaurant and a bit of a romantic evening together. We try to go out to eat every now and again but it had been a little while, not least because I’ve been on a bit of a diet-type thing (I still feel like I get 20 boring points just for saying that) for the past few weeks (going well, thanks for asking). So, we decided to give me the night off that so I could enjoy nommy food and drink plenty of red wine. Red wine is awesome and certainly no hindrance to a nice, sexy romantic evening.

Being a Friday, I didn’t really feel much like making an effort and dressing up smart, but dammit, Crush deserved it. Tired or no tired, I should damn well make a bit of effort for him because it’s not all that often that I really get the chance, what with busy and all. I have a whole drawer at least of gorgeous underwear begging me to come back to it and give it one more chance.

So I picked out something nice and got myself dressed. Then, before choosing outerwear (so much less important and fraught with decision), I made the silly mistake of telling Twitterites that I was wearing something devastatingly smexy.

Of course you demanded pics or it didn’t happen. Of course.

Point of Interest 01: Yes, I have now done one of the ubiquitous wobbly Ikea mirror self-taken shots that Jake was talking about.

Point of Interest 02: I certainly do have a triceratops sticker on the back of my phone. Sorry these pics are from a phone at all. Hope they’re clear enough.

Point of Interest 03: BOOBIES!

The last one there includes my outerwear. A black velvet bodice-type top (I’m still not quite sure I’m over my aversion to velvet, I worry that it screams “overweight goth”) with a frilled black and white striped shirt, a long black skirt and nice stompy boots. Don’t worry, I wore a colourful necklace to overpower the goffick.

What was interesting about what I was wearing was that I should have felt perfectly secure in it. My skirt was long, not see through and not likely to blow up in the wind, however, when we left for the short walk to the restaurant, I felt extremely exposed and vulnerable.

In a good way.

I suppose what you can’t see in any of those pictures is that the bottom half of that little set was a relatively tiny (but pretty) thong. This coupled with the sense of ‘rigging’ of wearing garter-belted stockings has to be the main part of why I was feeling this way. As I walked down the street, arm in arm in with Crush, I could feel that I was wearing something skimpier than my usual affair under my skirt. And it all felt precarious.

Garter belts (or suspenders if you want to sound British but like your nan about it) are tricksy mistresses liable to suddenly ping off a strap or two when you least expect it. The one I’d asked Crush to do had already done so before we left the house. And, hey, I know I’m overweight. The extra strain I’m probably putting on those snaps ain’t gonna help.

I could feel the straps snug against my legs as my skirts swished. I love that feeling. In my mind it equals bondage. I’m not saying that wearing a garter belt is a form of bondage, I’m saying that my mind reacts to both in the same way. I feel garter belt straps as bondage even if I don’t think of them that way.

And I could also feel the places where my stockings were not pinned into place by straps and how the stockings were even then trying to wriggle down in those places as we travelled. It was unlikely, so unlikely, that the whole set of rigging would come undone and I’d find knickers and stockings around my ankles and a gust of wind whipping up my skirts, but the thought niggled nonetheless.

I felt like an Art Frahm drawing waiting to happen. I’d even bought celery that week.

I felt, also, like sin on legs.

I was already feeling turned on by the time we walked into the restaurant door, so staring at Crush lit by candlelight for the evening on several glasses of Red Wine the Mighty Hornifier was just going to make that worse and worse. Heck, I found even the act of the waitress pouring our wine to be strangely compelling (a story for another time perhaps). As the evening drew on, I felt like the sexiest woman alive. It’s strange to describe it this way, but I actually felt brimming with a sort of sexual energy. A lustiness, a sexiness, an allure and a desire all at once.

Crush was divine that evening. I fell in love with him all over again. He was glorious. Things progressed much the way you might expect when we got home as he easily slid his cock in past my panties.

The point of this little post? Well, mostly because several of you clamoured for pictures and I had handily thought ahead enough to take them, but also to say that wearing underwear that makes you feel sexy, especially if it’s a little different from your everyday stuff, can really make an evening go with a bang. I’d have enjoyed myself anyway, of course, but walking down that street with my head full of nerves and excitement and my body carefully wrapped in sartorial predicament bondage was an experience I’m glad I didn’t miss out on.

I shall have to wear this kind of thing more often. ;) ♦

This is my first Wanton Wednesday, hurrah! See other participants here:

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

37 responses to “Intimates”

  1. Beau says :

    I totally get the suspenders feeling of being exposed under your clothes. Weight aside, I felt the same about the rigging failing too! Every time I sat down I could feel the strain!
    Beautiful pics :)

    • Blacksilk says :

      It’s strange but I think I actually felt both secure and more exposed with sexy underthings and sensible outerwear than I do with it the other way around even though people can actually see less!

      The only similar thing worse than pinging stocking straps is when my braces ping and clip me in the back of the head. Ouch!

  2. KaziGrrl says :

    Beautiful pics, a great start for Wanton Wednesday!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Anonymous says :

    Welcome to Wanton Wednesday….lovely pics and really great post. I felt like I was on the evening out with you, it made me smile.

    I completely agree about sexy undies, they can transform an outing into something extra sexy and make you feel a million dollars….and for a really exposed felling that I admit takes some getting used to but I find myself strangley hooked now…..go with NO panties! When you flash him under the table or across the room as he rer turns from the bathroom or take his hand and lace it up your skirt on a crowded train you will get a reaction from him that usually is accompanied by growling!


    • Blacksilk says :

      Thanks! It’s awesome that you felt like you were there, I try and draw the reader in as much as possible so it’s good to see that it works sometimes!

      I went in a skirt and no knickers to work once, which was pretty hot, but I admit I did miss out on the boyfriend-teasing aspect of it since he wasn’t there. I’m going to have to try that more often though, love your ideas! :)

  4. Lilly says :

    Yay! Sexiness comes from within. You can be dolled up within an inch of your life and if you don’t feel sexy, you won’t BE sexy to others. So I bet you had others drawn in by your attitude, but you likely only had eyes for Crush ;)

    I think I tried a garter belt once when I was much younger and thinner, and couldn’t tolerate the damn thing. Congrats for wearing it the whole night!

    • Blacksilk says :

      I definitely agree. Sometimes I really hate dressing up to go out somewhere because I know I’m not all that good at it (particularly as my smarter clothes tend to be more fitted and therefore more ill-fitting :P), especially if it involves pretending I have even an ounce of ‘femininity’. Just makes me really self-conscious. But clearly that’s not always the case!

      I think most of the reason I felt so sexy might have been because of the underwear being sort of my (and Crush’s) little secret. I think I’d feel just as enjoyably ‘exposed’ and turned on if I was wearing my more normal comfy boyshorts so long as I had my packing cock in them. I reckon it’d be the same sort of feeling (really must get around to wearing that out and about soon).

      The attitude thing is damn right. I found that after I started going out with Fractal and thereby becoming a much more sexual person, I got an awful lot more attention from men than I did before despite not looking any different. I’ve thought since that it must be a sort of air of sexuality I’d started to give off. I became open and encouraging about sex and flirting and I think that comes across even without outright saying it.

      Not sure if anyone was drawn in at the restaurant though as I often think people are probably put off by soppy gits like me and Crush! :P

  5. JillyBoyd says :

    Oh, very sexy, Ms Blacksilk! I never tried a garter belt before, but I am dying to do so.

    I like the little homage to Jake too. And you look damn hot in that pic. And also, congrats for wearing the entire getup the whole night. I’d be driven to insanity, I think.


    • Blacksilk says :

      Thanks, glad you like the pics! I thought they turned out pretty well, camera-quality aside. :)
      Heheh, well, he’s right, everyone does take a wibbly Ikea mirror shot eventually. I feel so ashamed for succumbing. :P

      It was actually pretty comfy once I’d sat down. The only thing that’d stop me wearing it more often is that it was a pain to walk about in as I had to stop a couple of times to pull up the sides of my stockings! (Not sure if it needed it or I was just paranoid, but meh) x

  6. Tracy says :

    I always enjoy getting dressed up for “date nights” in antipication of being undressed later. Thank you for sharing.

  7. T. says :

    Oh, such lovely pictures! The colors, your skin, the way the stockings go over your thigh… very hot! :-)

  8. Andy says :

    Great first Wanton Wednesday post! Glad I’m not the only first one doing it this week too :-)

  9. ladypandorah says :

    I love the self-conscious feeling and slight vulnerability when wearing all that scaffolding, makes you all the more slinky – epecially when your (or ideally your partner’s!) hand slides against your thigh to feel the clip. Joy.

    That’s a super cute and sexy baque-y thing you’ve got going on there, BS – loving that look! Also rather fond of your phrase ‘sin on legs’

    LP xx

    • Blacksilk says :

      It’s strange how feeling self-conscious and vulnerable in that way does make you feel sexier, isn’t it? Ordinarily self-consciousness really nerfs my slinkiness levels, so it’s odd how it works.

      And thanks! Pink isn’t at all my thing but it’s so pale and sparse on this and it offsets the black really nicely, so I don’t mind it. It helps that it makes it look more vintagey to my mind too. One way I don’t mind pink is in a pale, powder puff, boudoir-y, pinstripe ‘n’ polka dot Moulin Rouge kinda way. :)

  10. Catharine says :

    I love the triceratops sticker on your phone. and the BOOBIES!

    I have no wobbly Ikea mirror, I feel really left out.

    • Blacksilk says :

      Crush has a stegosaurus one from the same set because I am incredibly nice to him. :P

      Heh, I didn’t mean to have one nor did I know it was a thing until Jake said (he’s totally right). I’d have taken one in my nice rectangle mirror except my incredibly stompy and clumsy housemate managed to destroy it quite spectacularly. :P

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