Review – Durex Play Vibrations Twinkle

♦ Just before Christmas the kind people at Durex sent me one of their limited edition products to try out, the glittery, wintry Durex Play Vibrations Twinkle vibrating cock ring. Crush is a little newer to sex, kink and rock and roll than Fractal but still pretty willing to give things a go, if with slightly more limits. Either way, It wasn’t too hard to persuade him to be my sexy little guinea pig for this particular experiment.

We took a look at the Twinkle once it had arrived, the packaging was pretty compact and pretty pretty and didn’t require too much fumbling to open, though I made sure to get it ready well beforehand just in case. The Twinkle itself sat on the bed patiently as we warmed up.

It didn’t take long before Crush was hard and raring to be inside me. We tried a few preliminary thrusts for good measure before pulling the thin, sparkly Twinkle on over his erection. The cock ring looked too fragile to do anything but snap when stretched, luckily it’s actually a very resilient little device and even when we tried purposefully to push our luck it stayed in one piece. The ring in place, the vibes rolling, Crush re-entered.

The button for the vibration has a slight knack, but once that’s sussed (which doesn’t take too long) it’s very easily off-and-on-able, Crush was quite capable of twiddling about with it mid-flow if necessary. The Twinkle doesn’t seen to slip out of place too much either, which is handy.

Crush moved in out of me, swiftly, the vibrations quite pleasant against my skin. They weren’t exactly wowing me to death, but they felt good. Crush could feel them too, of course, and said about the same thing: fine, but not super special awesome.

After further pleasure and panting we switched so that I was on top, a position I remember to be good for the vibrations from previous cock ring experience. This did feel better, much better. I could feel the vibrations against my clit and I’m sure they helped me reach a very nice orgasm. Yet more proof for me that girl-on-top really is the best position for cock ring usage.

It’s hard to say whether the cock ring performed its other function of maximising and extending erections. Frankly, I’m still, er, getting to grips with Crush’s penis and the little differences it brings, so I’m not the best to judge. I assume it did perfectly well in that respect, though. Certainly he was rock hard and full of vim and vigour.

Speaking of vigour, the Twinkle performed very well in the time department. We were at it for more than twenty minutes and and it didn’t run out. I’m not sure how much longer it’ll last but it’s already done darned well. On the down side it seems, as with the other cock ring I own, that it’s impossible to replace the batteries (correct me if I’m wrong), leaving you paying £6.99 for around 20 minutes of fun. Perhaps you think that’s worth it, perhaps not, personally I’m not sure. Perhaps not at this level of vibration.

The last thing to talk about, I suppose, is the fact that the Twinkle is a Limited Edition. It glitters! It sparkles! It delights! And it does look quite nice too, if you like that sort of thing. Myself, it reminds me of two particular My Little Ponies I had when I was younger. They were awesome, shut up. I’m not really sure how the glitter helps, though…maybe if you had a particularly childish girlfriend?

In any case, let’s sum up. It goes on easily, stays put, is durable, has good stamina, does what it says on the tin, vibrates fairly well but not too strongly, turns on and off simply, aids in a good orgasm and contains tiny motes of pure shiny joy. At the price, would I buy it? Probably not, I don’t need glitter to feel sexy and I can get much the same level of vibration cheaper elsewhere, but that’s quite a personal preference. For a start I prefer chunkier bands.

All in all it’s a fine product with a bit of winter cheer to inject into the bedroom and lasts long enough to give you good vibrations right until the ice thaws. ♦

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