HNT – Blacksilk’s black…um…nylon probably

♦ Because I’m worth it.

Anyway, yet another opportunity for me to get away with a little bit of exhibitionism. Here we go…


And this time it’s actually a Thursday! I’ve accidently gone and HNTed myself (Is this bad? I accidentally it :P)!

So yeah, me. In a cheapy vintagey-ish chemise thingammybob that I got from a charity shop. As long as I don’t stand near an open flame, I’m fine.

Anyhoo, unlike the first and the second, I’ve not got my tits ahhht in this one. So for globularity (which may or may not be a word) you’ll have to make do with my thighs :P

Also, I promise I’ll have tales of punishment from Fractal soon… ♦

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

24 responses to “HNT – Blacksilk’s black…um…nylon probably”

  1. Socks says :

    XD You look gorgeous!

  2. Innocent Loverboy says :

    Very nice figure. It seems you have a similar build to me, actually. That’s scary.

  3. Tom Allen says :

    Nice color on you :-D

  4. strangexcandy says :

    It’s an excellent picture, in more ways than one ^.^

  5. ladypandorah says :

    My my. Aren’t you spoiling your readers, BS.

    That’s a fab chemisey thing – I love the neckline on it. Yay you with the eagle eyes in the charity shops – I’m either hopeless when it comes to bargain shopping or where I am there’s no good stuff about!

    You have rather got me wondering if you’re wearing underwear, but for some bewildering reason I think you ain’t, missy!

    Very hot, very very hot, my dear.

    P x

  6. Blacksilk says :

    Wow….That’s a *lot* of comments! And in such a short space of time!

    Thanks guys! :D

    Okay, maybe if I take them two at a time… (that’s what she said)

    Socks: Thanks so much! I was almost a bit shy about this one!

    ILB: Thanks! :) Do I really? May I ask in what way? I mean, I’m sure your boobs are fantastic too, but…. :P
    In all seriousness though, thanks, I’ve been so much more comfortable with my figure lately too. Curves for the win!

  7. Blacksilk says :

    Tom: Well, pale skin and black does work fairly well, I guess! Glad you think it works anyway, ta! :)

    Strangexcandy: Ooh, nice and subtly said there, leaves me wondering just what exactly you like about it :)

  8. Blacksilk says :

    LadyP: Weeeell, I’d be lying if I said it was *entirely* altruistic. After all, receiving the comments back is very nice, especially when not long ago I’d never have shown a full-body photo. Luckily, confidence is soaring.

    The peek-a-boo see-through sorta effect is one of the things that I liked first about this chemise. My other one is perhaps nicer overall, but it doesn’t have that. I am a bit of a charity-shop fiend.

    As for underwear….um… I guess I must have, uh, forgotten…. ;)

    That many ‘very’s? Ooh, I’m flattered, milady! Extremely glad you like it, ’tis quite the compliment! x

  9. strangexcandy says :

    I’m so glad you weren’t too shy to post this one. As a bit of a photographer, I have to say the contrast is superb. And in another respect, you, my dear, look rather superb as well. ^.^

  10. Blacksilk says :

    Well, the dark chemise on the light skin was my idea, but the photographing was all Fractal, so a nice joint effort there I think! He turned out to be pretty good at taking flattering shots actually!

    And thanks very much for the compliment :)

  11. strangexcandy says :

    A well-deserved one. Go teamwork. Can I be a brat and voice my hopes that we’ll hear about some punishment by your Fractal soon? :-)

  12. Blacksilk says :

    You certainly can! I’ve been meaning to post some, just been such a tiring week for writing anything down, was hoping to distract you all with this photo instead!

    But I see there’s no fooling you, at least!

    Fractal’s been so wonderfully cruel/kind (I love how those are so often the same thing) to me lately that I have a wealth of punishments to pick from too :D

  13. strangexcandy says :

    Oh, it’s most distracting, but alas, you promised us goodies, and I, for one, am excited :D

  14. lacestockings says :

    I am jealous of your wonderful charity shop finds.

  15. Blacksilk says :

    Percentage-wise not so wonderful though, I just browse rather a lot in them.

  16. Baggers says :

    BS, been away for a while, and got a lovely surprise when I saw the picture you’ve posted. Stunning!

  17. Elle says :

    Looking great, Miss!

  18. Blacksilk says :

    Baggers: Thanks very much, glad you like it!

    Elle: Cheers! :)

  19. Catharine says :

    Very, very sexy. and ILB leaves fucking weird comments!

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