Review – the Nexus Glide

Nexus Glide

♦ So, like Lady Pandorah before me, I was contacted a little before Christmas by the friendly guys and gals at, who gave me the amazing offer of getting to review one of their many and marvellous range of sex toys.

Quite honestly I was spoiled for choice.

Eventually, Fractal and I settled on something we’ve been meaning to try out for ages.

Prostate play.

There’s a wealth of options out there, ranging from the basic to, ahem, with knobs on. Fractal and I, however, are entirely new to prostate stimulation and, whilst I’m pretty used by now to having things up my arse, it wasn’t me who’d be on the receiving end.

Product and Packaging

We knew we needed something for beginners, nothing too intimidating. Nexus is a make which has always had a very good reputation in male sex toys, so we picked the Nexus Glide, which describes itself as:

A brilliant all-rounder for those who are new to the joy of prostate massage as well as those who are more experienced players.


As you can see, it has an intriguing design. The longer wider bit goes in and massages the prostate, the little steel ball rolls against the perineum and the other ‘prong’ is a handle for moving the toy by hand, though it can also be used hands-free.

Unlike some Nexus products it doesn’t vibrate, but we did want to try something basic at first.

It came very lovingly packed, with some thoughtful free sachets of lube and some cool stickers. The Glide itself had very aesthetic packaging and came with some very informative instructions on how to get the best out of it.

My Glide

The Glide has a 4.5 inch insertable bit which is 1.3 inches around, but even so I was expecting it to be larger than it is. It’s also fairly hard but extremely, extremely light. A perfect travel toy.

I have to say, it looks very trendy too, for a sex toy!


Both Fractal and I would recommend that anyone who tries out the Glide gives it more than one go, as we did, before making up their minds. This is especially true because prostate play seems to be something that you warm to gradually, you may not get struck by lightning on your very first go.

The first time, I warmed Fractal up and then inserted the Glide very slowly whilst he was on his front, he then masturbated whilst I moved the toy using the handle.

The second time, only about fifteen minutes ago, Fractal was on his back instead. I inserted the toy and wrapped a vibrating cock ring around the handle, hoping it would reverberate. Which it did very well. He clenched and unclenched his muscles while I rubbed his glans in that way he loves.

The first time it was much more tricky to insert than the second, where it glided (excuse the pun) in easily. I’m not sure if this is to do with getting used to it or the change in positions. The second time was also much more fun than the first, again leading me to believe that prostate massage is something that gets better over time.

Pros and Cons

Fractal found the Glide uncomfortable at first but says that it became comfortable very quickly. The size and shape is perfect for beginners: not too big, not too small. Again, I think this would make a perfect handbag toy.

It also stays in nicely on its own.

The Glide certainly does what it says on the tin, it massages the prostate and provides a huge amount of pleasure. The second time around Fractal was absolutely writhing thanks to the combination of my ministrations and the Glide. He reports that his orgasms were not only much longer but more intense too.

Did I say orgasms?

I certainly did, because the Glide also made it very, very easy on the second go for Fractal to achieve the lesser-spotted multiple orgasms. He came twice in a row, the latter a dry orgasm after he had gone soft, which is impressive.

From my point of view I have to say that the Glide is very, very easy to clean afterwards. That’s a big plus point.

In fact, there were only two things we didn’t really like about the toy.

Fractal thinks he’d prefer a prostate toy which vibrated and I think he’s right that that might be even more fun.

Also, I found that manipulating the toy by hand, using the handle, is actually rather difficult. Admittedly you can operate the Glide perfectly well using the anal muscles alone, but the handle is supposed to give that extra bit of help if you want it. However, with all the lube you need for anal play the toy became very slippery and I had to grip it hard. The strong grip, the slipperiness and the vigorous movements meant that after a minute or too my finger and thumb really started to ache. And I kept slipping off the handle.

But as I say, manual manipulation is not strictly necessary to enjoy the Glide.


So, to sum up?

We like this toy a lot. It’s lightweight, pretty, small but deadly. It provided Fractal with longer, more intense orgasms. It’s good value for money and it’s great for beginners. No, it isn’t perhaps perfect, but the points against it are minor.

We enjoyed it enough that we would buy one if we didn’t already have one, though it perhaps wouldn’t be at the very top of Fractal’s wish-list.

And we’ll certainly be using it again.

Fractal and I can happily recommend the Nexus Glide to anyone who wants to get started with prostate stimulators but isn’t sure where to start.

Want one? not only do a very discreet, very thoughtful and very fast service but they also ship to the UK.

Enjoy! ♦

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2 responses to “Review – the Nexus Glide”

  1. ladypandorah says :

    Great review!

    I’ve pondered about these toys once or twice, and this was a very helpful nudge towards eventually getting something like this – cheers!

    P x

  2. Blacksilk says :

    No worries, let us all know how it goes if you do! x

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