Better the Devil you know…

♦ And you all know lovely, harmless ole Blacksilk ;)

I can’t quite believe I haven’t posted this yet, so maybe I have. If so don’t punish me too hard…

My Devil

Either way: I drew this. Yay me. Who knew that my once innocent drawings would these days mostly turn to thinly veiled sex?

I’m quite tempted to get a tattoo of this actually, as I have been meaning to get my first.

Want to see more of my drawings?

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

15 responses to “Better the Devil you know…”

  1. Elle says :

    You should! Put it on your shoulder. It’ll be the little devil telling you what to do :P

    Nice work, btw, love it! :)

  2. Meretrix says :

    Awesome picture… I like your thinking Elle! I have 2 tattoos, and am saving up for my third :S I believe I may be something of an addict

  3. Blacksilk says :

    Elle: That’s a great idea!! And thanks!

    Meretrix: Thanks very much. Is it too nosey of me to ask what your tattoos are of?

  4. Meretrix says :

    Yes it is! Far too nosey! :P

    I have a quote from Neil Gaiman’s book ‘American Gods’ in gothic writing round my leg, like a garter. It says “Even Nothing cannot last forever”.

    I had a recurring dream where I had a biohazard symbol tattoed on my wrist, so I got that too XD

  5. Innocent Loverboy says :

    I always imagine the Devil on my shoulder being Tom in a Devil suit with biker boots and horns and stuff, and the Angel being myself in a toga with wins and a halo… it amuses me.

    Good enough drawing, anyway :p

  6. Blacksilk says :

    Meretrix: Sounds cool! I was thinking about having a wrist tattoo, actually, of an ankh. Was worried it might be a bit visible for employers and so on though, have you ever had any trouble with yours? x

    ILB: Hahaha, even though I’ve no real idea what you look like other than a description or two that’s quite a funny image :)

  7. Meretrix says :

    Never had any trouble, customers seem to find it interesting or not notice, and it’s easily covered up with long sleeves or a support bandage x

  8. naughtysecretary says :

    Love it. I have three :)

  9. lacestockings says :

    I like the scratch marks :)

  10. ladypandorah says :


    What medium did you create this? Paper/pc is it coloured in or on a red background? I’m nosey.

    It’s lovely, BS. Talent in abundance you have. The broken ankle-chain drew my eyes – as did the scratched, LS noticed.

    P x

  11. Blacksilk says :

    NS: Thanks! I’m really very tempted by this one :)

    LS: Me too ;)

    LadyP: Drew it by hand on some good old-fashioned white A4! I have some pretty cool felt tip pens that I spent about £25 on, so it colours quite nicely without all the lines and so on. And be as nosey as you like :)

    Thanks very much as well. x

  12. Beady says :

    I love the idea of the kinky red devil on one shoulder, and the bound angel on the other :)

  13. Alare says :

    IDK which is cooler, the fact that you drew that or that you’ll get it tatted on you. I think it very sexy!

  14. Blacksilk says :

    (The above cross-posted from LiveJournal replies)

    Beady: Me too! I’m pretty certain that’s what I’ll end up with :)
    Thanks for the comment :)

    Alare: Thanks very much! I think it’ll be a cool tatt :)

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