Another Peek…

♦ There was a rather large part of me that wanted to call this post ‘Boobies!’, but Fractal suggested against it, and I suppose I really should be a little more professional than that.

Anyway, yes, this is me. Again (missed the first one? It’s here). I really should stop being quite so exhibitiony about this whole thing :)

I hope you enjoy, or at the very least don’t bleed from your retinas. And if you’re very lucky I hope, in the not-too-distant future, to get Fractal to bare a bit of skin for you all too. Until then, there’s this.

So there you go. ♦

P.S. Boobies! :D

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

24 responses to “Another Peek…”

  1. ladypandorah says :

    *stares a little bit too long*

    My, my – Look at you being all girly with your beads!

    That is a truly delicious picture, my dear BS. I’m slightly jealous at your set of knockers… Where was it taken? Loving the wallpaper. ;)

    *still drooling*

  2. Blacksilk says :

    I don’t quite know what to say! Besides being extremely chuffed and rather, erm, tingly. ;)

    This was in my room at uni this year, and those are actually two of my posters one of the Ministry of Silly Walks and the other of a cathedral-type thing with a waterfall falling into space.

    And thanks for the lovely, and rather titillating, comment :)

  3. ladypandorah says :

    You know me…I aim to please.

    By any means necessary.

  4. Innocent Loverboy says :

    Hmmm. You’re a brunette (Drinker thought you were blonde; before that I hadn’t considered it). For some reason, I always imagined you as having longer hair than that. Strange.

  5. Blacksilk says :

    LadyP: Ohh don’t tempt me…. no, wait, do.

    ILB: A blonde? Nooooooooooooooooo! :P

    I did have long hair for a while but I couldn’t hack it, to be honest. More trouble than it’s worth, it just gets in the way all the time.

  6. sensualist says :

    And I am wondering what took me so long to find your site? Possibly you should have titled it “boobies”. Only kidding. I love your sense of humor. Very clever as I read through a few of your posts. OH! And I love the bit about sending nudes to keep long distance relationships going. And why not?!

  7. Blacksilk says :

    I’ve no idea, but I’m glad you did :)

    And thank you very much.

    The sending of naughty pictures really was great fun, there was no danger that the relationship would’ve gone awry without it, but that’s no reason not to give little bonuses here and there. Why have less when you can have more? :)

  8. ygfdiary says :

    Blacksilk, I really like your site and included it in a new blog on women’s erotic sites. I’d be very pleased if you’d stop by and comment…

  9. lacestockings says :

    BS I always imagined you as a brunette! Blonde indeed… offense to blondes out there, I used to be one myself!

    Firstly, what a cracking pair you have!

    Secondly….where did you get those necklaces from? I like!

  10. Blacksilk says :

    Ygfdiary: Thanks very much for the inclusion, I’ll pop right over to your site and comment :)

    Lace: Thank you very much! And I got the necklaces from various charity shops, except the red one which I think might have been from Claire’s Accessories.

  11. Easily Aroused says :

    Just wanted you to know how hard a time I’m having as a result of contemplating Lady P drooling over your glorious body, BS…


  12. Blacksilk says :

    Thank you, always nice to know people appreciate a bit of harmless drooling :)

  13. Beau says :

    Lovelies–simply lovelies :-)

  14. jasperslagoon says :

    Oh you are lovely!

  15. ming102 says :

    Very nice
    Thank you!!

  16. Blacksilk says :

    Jasperslagoon: Thank you very much!

    Ming102: No problem, thank you!

  17. beigekhakis says :

    You are fucking beautiful!

  18. Anonymous says :


  19. Blacksilk says :

    Thanks, anonymous!

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