A Peek at Blacksilk…

♦ I’m going to be both brave and vain for this blog post….

Mostly since we’re now sorely into dissertation/presentation/revision/not-enough-hours-in-the-day hell (otherwise now known as ‘the spring of our discount tents’, ten points for those who can get the parodic and real references) and due to busytude I haven’t posted anything in a while and need something quick and dirty.

So here we are.

A peek at the blogger


I’m afraid it’s gone a bit pixelly in its smaller version, but nonetheless that’s me. Yup, good old nekkid Blacksilk. The larger version (wot has a face and everyfink) was taken for my dear Fractal while I was on the wrong continent. Mmmm, braces…..

Provocative nudey pictures, now *that’s* one way to keep a long distance relationship going ;)

Fancy another peek? ♦

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About Blacksilk

I'm a 26-year-old UK blogger in a committed monogamish relationship. I'm geeky, kinky and bisexual. I'd describe myself as a submissive who switches. Whilst I prefer submission, the desire to dominate occasionally takes me over. I just like being someone's little slut. I love being tied up, taken and toyed with.

43 responses to “A Peek at Blacksilk…”

  1. Tom Allen says :

    Wow, that’s a really nice shot.

    See? That wasn’t so hard to do, was it? ::laughs::

    I freaked out for months before posting similar pics of myself last year, and I even created the TMI page, so they wouldn’t exactly be on the main blog. It gets easier.

    I predict a lot of very positive feedback for you ;-)

  2. Blacksilk says :

    Thanks very much, Tom! :)

    And no, not too worrying after all really :)

  3. hank says :

    the braces make the picture

    very sexy!

  4. Blacksilk says :

    Few things better than braces on bare breasts. Thanks very much, Hank :)

  5. Innocent Loverboy says :

    Very nice indeed. Greyscale seems to suit you.

  6. Beau says :

    Lovely, utterly lovely–what a beautiful pic to awake to. :-)

  7. Blacksilk says :

    @ ILB: That’s because secretly I’m green and its the only medium in which no-one will know my hideous secret! Mwahahaha! Mwahaha-……oh.

    Ta muchly though :)

    @ Beau: Thanks very much :)

  8. Anna says :

    Now is the discount of our winter tents ;) Do I win a cookie?

    Very stylish and relaxed, I like it a lot!

  9. Blacksilk says :

    Well, sort of, ’tis a minorly famous funny shop sign saying ‘now is the summer of our discount tents’, obviously from the Shakespeare version. I lol’d muchly at the time :)

    But yes, you do get a cookie :)

    And thanks!

  10. ladypandorah says :

    Hmm….My head is swimming with the memory of the Justify My Love Madonna vid…sexy bracey ladies in that too.

    Brava dear BS, that is a gorgeous picture. You pull off braces very well. (In both senses I’m sure) I do like the pose you have got going on there – at ease…sense of invitation, ‘Here I am, now the next move is yours’ approach.

    Still not quite sure about Rick Astley, ILB, tho.

  11. ladypandorah says :

    And I did teehee at the R III reference. x

  12. Blacksilk says :

    The world does need more sexy bracey ladies, I’ll have to chase that vid up.

    And thank you very much, LadyP. Though I don’t pull them off in the second sense *too* well, having once pinged myself in the back of the head with the metal clip. Ouchy.

    I have a more active ‘grr’ pose like that too, but short of pixellation I’m not sure I can get my fizzog out of it :P

  13. Beau says :

    Braces–oh my–and braces nuzzling nipples oh my oh my oh my! Can’t get that pic outta me head. Thank you again–for the…uh…stimulation :-)


  14. Beau says :

    Love the necktie even more than the braces–kinda decadent like the Kit Kat club in Wiemar. Damn I love that pic. lol

  15. Innocent Loverboy says :

    There are a few DC Comics characters who are actually green. And, you know, goblins. But I don’t think you’re a goblin.

    You’d make a good superhero though…

  16. Blacksilk says :

    Would I?? How come?

  17. lacestockings says :

    Ooo, I applaud you BS! You are very brave!

    I have to agree with ILB, greyscale looks very classy :)

  18. naughtysecretary says :

    I agree with the others commenting on your bravery. Good for you.

    Meanwhile, I may have been immersed in thoughts of unsnapping those suspenders slowly one by one, and pulling you closer with that tie of yours….

    Ahem. ;)

  19. Blacksilk says :

    Thanks very much, naughty :)

    Your comment gave me quite the tingle, I might well have to immerse myself in similar thoughts ;)

  20. naughtysecretary says :

    Now that has put a smile on my face…

  21. Easily Aroused says :

    ‘Provocative nudey pictures’ like this one ought to be capable of sustaining a relationship with a Mars-bound astronaut. I certainly don’t recall having seen a tie / braces / flesh combination put to such alluring, erotic effect…


  22. Blacksilk says :

    Cheers very much, EA!

    Oh and luckily Fractal’s not Mars-bound anytime soon and in fact this summer should see the ‘Long Distance’ status once again removed, perhaps for good. :)

  23. benevolntgoddes says :

    What a wonderful image!

  24. jaspers_jungle says :

    Ooh I like the silk tie, and what a lovely image!

  25. existentme says :

    Heh. Way to draw in the not always reading, but definitely always visually interested ones!

    Smiling – Nice. Thanks for the peak – always nice to know the look behind the words, I think.

  26. darkcait says :

    Nice! I like the black and white medium a lot.

  27. Blacksilk says :

    Wow. This is what I get for mentioning things on LJ!

    Thanks very much all!

  28. tristantzara says :

    What a great photo! I love the cabaret look to your outfit. It’s incredibly attractive–you don’t seem to have much to worry about posing like that :)

    You should do more of these.

  29. Blacksilk says :

    Thanks very much! I’m into the sort of burlesquey retro-y thing so linking it to cabaret style is a very welcome compliment!
    I have another of these acually but it’ll be hard to blot the face out so I may abandon it and take some more :)

  30. ~Storm says :

    Mmm… braces, and the way they barely touch the nipples. Simply lovely.

  31. Blacksilk says :

    Thanks, Storm! Glad you like it :)

  32. Ad@m says :

    Great image! I am a sucker for erotic black and white. I love the contrast in this shot and the vintage feel

    • Blacksilk says :

      Thank you for the compliments, they mean a lot coming from such a clearly talented photographer! I admit, it’s not a bad shot for a self-taken one that’s now getting on a bit. :)

  33. Midnight says :

    I love your braces its so sexy, I really need to pluck up the courage to do some piks like this, you look amazing!

  34. Atlantis says :

    Love the Photo Blacksilk

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